How to Make Opti Greens Taste Better?

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Mix with fruit

Many fresh, ripe fruits have strong flavors, and in certain circumstances these flavors can be almost overwhelming.

Mix it into a smoothie

One of the best ways to get rid of the natural flavor of whole green ingredients is to disguise them in a smoothie.

Capsules are convenient

The biggest benefit of taking supergreens in capsule form is that you don't have to taste what they contain to begin with.

Mix It With Juice

Supergreen formulas taste great in a variety of juices, but are most commonly added to orange juice.

Go Decadent with Chocolate

Just avoid really dark 90% chocolate or bittersweet chocolate.

Bake or cook with your opti greens

Not surprisingly, cooking with green powders is entirely possible.

Add Spices

They go well with smoothies and cocktails based on bananas, cream and chocolate.

Add it to your tea break

If you're struggling to add Opti Greens powder to your daily routine, add it to your daily green tea.

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