Virgo Love Relationship Compatibility and Best Matches

Virgo Love Relationship Compatibility, Virgo Soulmate And More | What Does The Future Has In Store For You | Get Your Call Of Destiny Now!

Virgo Love Relationship Compatibility

Virgo Love Relationship Compatibility with others as per astrological zodiac sign. Find your matches by the rule of horoscope to make life beautiful.

Virgo Compatibility

Virgo(from 23.08 to 22.09)
Motto“I analyze!”
StonesSapphire, jasper, heliotrope, tiger eye
Compatible SignsTaurus, Capricorn
In-compatible SignsGemini, Libra, Pisces, Sagittarius
Happy Numbers5

Virgo Love Relationship Compatibility

Virgo Love Compatibility

Virgo in Love

Virgos are independent and like to do things as per their own ways. They may seem to be cold and emotionless from the outside but they have a very carting hear on the inside.

They love and respect their partners and especially take care of their needs. They like to make observation and learn things about their partners which help them to get to know them better.

Virgos do not really enjoy being in the spot light and would rather take back seat and do things as per their will.

Virgo Love Compatibility

Know about the Virgo Match, Virgo Love Compatibility and find out which signs are suitable for relationship with a Virgo.

When you read this article, you will come to know more about Love Compatibility of Virgo. Know with “Virgo Most Compatible Sign” and less compatible.

  • Virgo Most Compatible Sign

A Virgo Match will make a great pair with a Taurus as one’s excitement will rub on to the other and this will result in fireworks.

They will also make a great pair with Cancer as Cancer has stability and Virgo will appreciate this.

This will help them maintain a great bonding between one another. They are also very compatible with Capricorns as they are both strong headed.

  • Virgo is Less compatible with

Virgos may not have a great relation with a Gemini as they both are very opposite in nature.

Virgos may also not gel too well with Libra’s as Libra people are high on energy and enthusiasm and are not very practical like the Virgos which may create problems.

They may also not be very compatible with Aquarius and Pisces as they are sensitive and will not be able to take the criticism that a Virgo may come up with if he/she is angry.

Virgo Love Traits

Find out the positives and negatives for Virgo Love Traits.

Know more about the love traits of Virgo sign and Virgo Match. The love characteristics have been divided into positives and negatives below. Read on.

  • Positive Love Traits of Virgo

Virgos are perfectionists with impeccable sight for detail. This quality helps them notice things about their partner that nobody would otherwise. These things easily impress their partners.

Virgos never react impulsively and take cautious steps towards what they desire. A Virgo is most likely to make relationships that they think will last and do not believe in frivolous flirting.

Virgos can tackle difficult situations in very tactful ways which always winds them some applauds.

  • Negative Love Traits of Virgo

Virgos are very particular about what they want and even the slightest of disappointment will immensely upset them and then the most critical statements can be expected.

Virgos do not really show their affection and this may not be very well appreciated by their partner.

Virgos tend to make perceptions at the drop of a hat and it becomes very difficult to change them later on. They are also not very flexible which may frustrate their partners.

Virgo Relationship Compatibility

Virgo Love Relationship Compatibility, Virgo Soulmate, Virgo Best Match And More!

Man Virgo with Woman Aries

Virgo Compatibility with Virgo Man and Aries Woman: You are really proud that you have won that woman – that was something that looked almost impossible when you first met her.

She is so bold, straightforward and open that she has provoked you to overcome your innate uneasiness and to express your manhood.

But what she likes in you is your gentleness and your ability to listen to her, to be kind to her – that makes her feel like a real woman.

In the intimate sphere the hot physicality of the woman ARIES lights up our fire to such an extent that you put the symbol of your sign, the Virgo, to the blush 😉

What your partner lacks is patience and obedience and this fact will make your aspiration for reforming her character and form some good habits in her.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t stop the relationship between the Virgo and The Aries to turn out to be stronger than other, seemingly more harmonious relationships between representatives of similar elements.

Woman Virgo with Man Aries

Virgo Compatibility with Virgo Woman and Aries Man: You are as different as day and night, and I wonder what has brought you together.

Maybe the innocence and modesty that radiate from you have made him think that you are suitable to be his wife (note: wife, not a girlfriend) If you are already together in matrimonial union, I suppose that every day you regret your quick decision.

You criticize each of your husbands risky and intuitive actions, and you don’t realize that who doesn’t risk, he doesn’t win.

He is a man of impulse and improvisation and you – of order an organization and if you don’t learn to make compromises with your sign nature misunderstandings and hard life together (or even separation) will be inevitable.

Incompatibility in physical intimacy are almost minimal, I can say they don’t exist.

Man Virgo with Woman Virgo

Virgo Compatibility with Virgo Man and Virgo Woman: It cannot be said that you rushed in each other’s embrace from the first date.

But on one normal day you found that sparkle of passion in the eyes of the girl Virgo you’ve known for a long time.

That made you do a revision of your feelings and find out that somewhere deep within your soul there is a feeling that you’ve ignored up to that moment – love.

From that moment on a woman that you will adore even if she doesn’t look like Marline Monroe, will enter your life and maybe stay there for good. You may as ‘why?’ – Because she will bring you the blessing of love!

You will see your own flaws reflected in her and if you realize them you will advance faster on the way to perfection.

You will find more erotic in her shy movements than in many of your ex-intimate partners. Every physical contact will bring you more and more pleasure.

Woman Virgo with Man Virgo

Virgo Compatibility with Virgo Woman and Virgo Man: It cannot be said that you rushed in each other’s embrace from the first date.

But on one normal day you found that sparkle of passion in the eyes of the Virgo boy you’ve known for a long time.

That made you do a revision of your feelings and find out that somewhere deep within your soul there is a feeling that you’ve ignored up to that moment – love.

From that moment on a man who doesn’t look like Robert Redford but who understands you and be a wonderful friend, lover and husband will enter your life and maybe stay there for good.

You may as ‘why?’ – Because he will bring you the blessing of love! You will see your own flaws reflected and if you realize them you will advance faster on the way to perfection.

He will find more erotic in your shy movements than in the nudity of his ex-intimate partners. Every physical contact will bring you more and more pleasure.

Man Virgo with Woman Taurus

Virgo Compatibility with Virgo Man and Taurus Woman: Although you may have different temperament, you have so similar vibrations that I can say with certainty that your meeting will be fateful.

Problems during courting may come because the girl Taurus is a bohemian, while you are far less apt to enjoy life.

However, she liked you because you give her stability and trust, and won’t be surprised if she made the first step in your relationship.

The woman Taurus is earthly, sensual and lovable and the physical intimacy with her is exactly what you expect from a healthy physical relationship.

As a whole, you will be more satisfied from your marriage than her, because she needs a little more emotions, fun, and conveniences than you want or than you can give her.

Woman Virgo with Man Taurus

Virgo Compatibility with Virgo Woman and Taurus Man: It can be said that you have fallen passionately in love with each other from first sight, but with time your mutual attraction grows deeper and deeper.

To this man you are a personification of the perfect woman – modest, good tempered, lady-like. I cannot say that you are the most romantic couple but on the other hand you enjoy healthy physical contacts.

His strong character will resist all your harsh comments (which are in most cases reasonable).

You prefer to eat healthy, while he seeks for pleasure in food – and you must find the golden middle in that sphere.

You are both practical, with your feet on the ground, and that will help your relationship survive in the harsh reality of the material world that we live in.

Man Virgo with Woman Aquarius

Virgo Compatibility with Virgo Man and Aquarius Woman: When your well-known punctuality meets the renowned absent-mindedness of the girl Aquarius… and along with that when order faces chaos, common sense faces intuition, hard-headedness confronts idealism – you get the strangest mixture, which can ever exist in human relationships.

You have most probably thought about that and you are saying to yourself: ‘Wasn’t it better if we had stayed only friends.

That is exactly how your relationship began – friendship which had grown into the most impossible love on Earth.

What your physical relationship lacks is conservatism, even if there was something like a hint for that at the beginning of your relationship.

But the frequency of your astrological vibrations is different and soon you will get tired from playing Tarzan or James Bond.

Woman Virgo with Man Aquarius

Virgo Compatibility with Virgo Woman and Aquarius Man: Despite your strong attraction your relationship is doomed to be much more troublesome if you have to live under the same roof.

The Virgo will not put up with the mess the Aquarius leaves behind him in the bathroom, nor will she put up with the way he flings about his clothes.

He will not pay much attention to your remarks until your patience runs out and you leap into a drastic action such as to abandon him, for example.

You love him, but you will decide to grant him the freedom he so desperately strives for. Then, after he will finally look inside himself, he will see that his demeanor has been really stupid, and he will rush after you to bring you back home.

However, your physical passion will hardly be marred by the aforementioned misunderstandings and you will answer the call of your bodies with supreme delight.

Man Virgo with Woman Gemini

Virgo Love Compatibility with Virgo Man and Gemini Woman: The common ruler of your zodiac signs – the planet Mercury – is the main thing to blame for you being together.

The woman Gemini so communicative, that it wasn’t hard for her at all to find common topics even with you.

You have already noticed that while she is talking and you are listening, everything is fine but when you start talking and she is trying to listen – there is always a problem.

The woman Gemini has thousands of arguments against each of your reasonable suggestions.

She will find a way to deviate the conversation from the issue that you are talking about and she will do it so cunningly that at one moment in time you will start asking yourself what exactly you wanted to say to her.

On the other hand, you are both hard-headed and you are dealing with the material side of life very well. You make a great couple when it comes to trade or business.

In the intimate sphere you will be confronted with the physical fantasies of the Gemini, while her own style is far too simple.

Still, you are a perfectionist and you will do your best to satisfy her wishes, for which she will be grateful.

Woman Virgo with Man Gemini

Virgo Love Compatibility with Virgo Woman and Gemini Man: From the very beginning you have the vague feeling that something is not right but you cannot find out what – as people say – it is too good to be true.

You are about to find out that Gemini men are too light-minded, very chatty, extremely inconsistent and messy – flaws that you never had. It is exactly these flaws that will play a trick on you and be the reason for most of your conflicts.

What unites you is your common way of thinking due to the common manager of your signs – Mercury.

But will that be enough to keep the fire burning? One of the good surprises in your relationship is the level of physical compatibility – which in your races is extremely high.

Man Virgo with Woman Pisces

Virgo Compatibility with Virgo Man and Pisces Woman: Is it true that that woman is so uncatchable, that no man has ever managed to tie her in his nets or is it true that you will have that honor?

And maybe no one has noticed that true treasure lying at the bottom of the sea, but the unbelievable abundance of qualities that that woman possesses hasn’t slipped your eye.

Are you at the needed level to swim with her in the sea of life or you will try to bother her with real and unreal cursors?

The most important thing that you will have to learn from her is to be as silent as a fish, when it comes to other people flaunts, especially hers.

What you consider proficiency, she had already acquired two incarnations ago and now she has come to enjoy life’s bounties.

So, be generous to her and thank Destiny once again for the great luck that this woman is yours…

I forgot to tell you something about physical intimacy – well… – do it in the dark with shut eyes and there in the pitch black you will see the brightest stars 😉

Woman Virgo with Man Pisces

Virgo Compatibility with Virgo Woman and Pisces Man: I could bet $100 on the claim that physical intimacy is what have brought you together and keeps you tied together.

Not that you care much about it generally (or at least up till now). I find something common also in your striving for perfection, but while he works silently towards his spiritual growth, you want to remove not only your own flaws but also these of the world we live in.

He will not agree with the last claim, because according to his views (which I am ardently in favor of) God has created the world immaculate, but we don’t have the eyes to appreciate it.

It will be difficult to unite his mystical and philosophical ideology with your petty and practical disposition.

Apart from that, you will get on quite well and your relationship will be surprisingly stable.

Man Virgo with Woman Cancer

Virgo Relationship Compatibility with Virgo Man and Cancer Woman: You have all the prerequisites for a successful relationship.

So, if you are judging the pros and cons in a long-term relationship with a woman cancer my advice for you is to give yourself the rings.

Marriage is always a hardship but with this woman on your side it will be easier for you to go through it.

She will admire the dexterity with which you do the manly work at home, and will appreciate your abnormal ability to keep things in order and clean.

Your garden of love will be quiet and calm and only from time to time it will be irrigated with the tears of the woman Cancer when her tender heart is hit by the arrows of your critics.

Still, her attachment to you will be strong enough to keep you together. In the physical act you will unite naturally and harmonically and this will give you a feeling of wholeness and reciprocity.

Don’t forget that the woman Cancer needs somebody to talk to and you need to be that somebody.

Woman Virgo with Man Cancer

Virgo Compatibility with Virgo Woman and Cancer Man: You have fallen in love with this man from first sight – he is so charming, tender and kind, that your heart started overflowing with feelings for him.

With a Cancer man you feel comfortable and safe, he meets your expectations for the ideal man, he is willing to listen to and understand you.

But why does he change his mood so often? Maybe something is wrong or he doesn’t like you enough, does he have with someone else?

No, he is just a Cancer and his emotional nature is influenced by phases of the moon and if you want to be with him you have to accept him as he is.

You will reach compatibility in the intimate sphere – sensually and physically, due to the harmonious union between your forces – water and earth. Like the water waters the earth, he will quench your thirst for love and physical intimacy.

Man Virgo with Woman Scorpio

Virgo Compatibility with Virgo Man and Scorpio Woman: It may sound strange to you but an invisible force got you together and will keep you together for a long time.

Some call its faith, some call it karma, and maybe even God himself has a finger in this. There is no way that you hadn’t asked yourself that question when you are in love with a woman Scorpio, even if you are total atheist.

When it comes to physical intimacy – you will have to thank all the power mentioned above for bringing that woman into your life, because she will teach you the craft and the secrets of physicality, for which a lot of men can only dream of.

Your relationship resembles the ladder between earth and heaven on which you are climbing and she is coming down (or vice versa – it depends on the spiritual level you are on). Your meeting between heaven and hell will be the most memorable event in your life.

Maybe you think that you are saving the woman Scorpio from “flying” into the spiritual world, or falling into the Abyss, but it is more probable that she will save you from the marshes of matter or from the trap of perfection.

Woman Virgo with Man Scorpio

Virgo Compatibility with Virgo Woman and Scorpio Man: He has chosen her and has decided that your heart will be in his possession, even if at the moment you first met, he was with a stunning beauty.

Despite his renowned lustfulness each Scorpio is looking for purity and innocence in the woman next to him, and that is exactly these qualities that drew him close to you.

You couldn’t resist his magnetic charm but you really fell in love long after you have gone to bed for the first time.

With time the feelings grow deeper and the physical unity of your bodies will become more and more beautiful and harmonious, each of you will give his/her most to give the other the ultimate pleasure.

This is enough for you to forgive the Scorpio his excessive secrecy and taciturnity and for the Scorpio to forgive your inclination to criticize.

Your union has all chances of being long-term but quite boring, or short-term but full with provocations. Let destiny choose the better reading of the two.

Man Virgo with Woman Leo

Virgo Compatibility with Virgo Man and Leo Woman: The stars are not so kindly disposed to his relationship.

The possibility for it to start is too small, and the possibility for it to end in a short time is great.

This is mostly so because of the fact that you hate what that woman loves – spending money on luxurious things, flattering her, giving her the stars and the moon, being in the center of attention… And with a Lioness it will all have to happen.

But according to the laws of attraction and love such thins subside and all these small incompatibilities in the characters seize to be an obstacle for the desire of the two to become one.

In bed, however, the stars are again skeptical, because the differences in the way that you make love are almost insurmountable.

That makes you stiff and insecure and you can reach the great pleasures of physical intimacy only after some years (And who can wait that long?)

Woman Virgo with Man Leo

Virgo Compatibility with Virgo Woman and Leo Man: It wasn’t hard for him to win your heart, but it will most probably be hard for him to live with you, and for you to be with him.

What fascinated you were his unbelievable generosity and the tons of gift with he gives you. The passion of the Leo man towards party and adventure has opened a new page in the book of your life.

I am almost sure that till the moment you met him you had lived far more modestly. Your womanhood will soon flourish under the scorching rays of (the planet managing his sign)

You must have already noticed how addicted the Leo is to compliments and flattery and each of your comments which are not in his flavor passes through his ears or hits his ego directly.

He is famous as a very good lover and his fame for that is not exaggerated at all, as you had the chance to find out yourself 😉

Man Virgo with Woman Libra

Virgo Compatibility with Virgo Man and Libra Woman: She is capable of bringing a beam of light in the busy weekday only with her smile.

This is just enough to try to keep the girl Libra by your side. But it won’t be easy. You have to learn to listen to her hesitations, to understand her, without proposing practical and clear suggestions.

The key word to your physical relation is tenderness which raises you to the world of exquisite pleasures, far from the vibrations of rude pleasures of the flesh.

When you come home one day and instead of her voice you hear only silence, there are only two explanations possible.

First – she left while leaving you a thorough note containing an explanation why she had taken that move.

Second – She fell into depression and decided to be alone for some time, while the balances of her inner peace are balanced. So, if you don’t find a note you can exhale with relief – your beloved will come back to you.

Woman Virgo with Man Libra

Virgo Compatibility with Virgo Woman and Libra Man: I am almost sure that he is the most romantic man you know.

He has won your heart entirely and the attention with which he has surrounded you has made you fall head over heels.

Is it possible for this happiness to last forever? Yes, but you have to put a lot of effort into keeping his attention only on yourself.

Even though he is a very good diplomat and he can win every verbal fight, he will not be able to convince you that he isn’t flirting with the waitress or with his secretary.

You are willing to thing that if he really loves you, he will display will and stop flirting. You will reach good harmony in physical intimacy, even if it isn’t forming the first act.

Man Virgo with Woman Sagittarius

Virgo Compatibility with Virgo Man and Sagittarius Woman: I doubt that you manage to understand the sense of humor of the woman Sagittarius because you see life far more seriously.

And her careless attitude amazes you every time she drops something from her strong hands accidentally and starts laughing, while silently you sum up the damage she had caused.

Still you can relax and enjoy the time with her, because neither of has a strong desire for commitment, and that will predetermine the close end of your relationship. She is fond of romantics while you are keen on machines.

If you manage to combine these interests, my hypothesis of the close end of your relationship may not come true.

As far as physical intimacy is concerned you can expect everything and nothing – again we have uncertain prognosis due to the inconstant character of your signs.

Woman Virgo with Man Sagittarius

Virgo Compatibility with Virgo Woman and Sagittarius Man: You love each other but the power of your feelings will be put to a test, which you will hardly pass.

Any of his impulses, any of his statements, even any of his thoughts will clash with your sober and critical judgment, who unfortunately will be right most of the time.

If he would listen to your words, it would turn out that he would be doomed to idleness.

That’s why he will try to argue with you and that will get on your nerves. You love to be precise in everything you do and you are a perfectionist, while he is broad-minded and prone to take the daily problems light-heartedly.

To him the problems in The Middle East may turn out a quite more exciting topic of conversation compared with the bill for electricity or any other taxes.

These contradictions may easily be transferred into your physical relationship life, which will be turned into a battle field, where each one will try to prove the superiority of his or her world views.

Man Virgo with Woman Capricorn

Virgo Compatibility with Virgo Man and Capricorn Woman: Your relationship is based on logic and common sense, faithfulness and deep reciprocity.

I can think of another name for that – the wise love. What your relationship lacks is surprise and spontaneity – but who needs it?

Does the woman Capricorn think in the same way? Not really, but she would never speak out her discontent of this state.

Material success is important for both of you, so you will support and encourage each other in achieving your goals. It is hard for you to express your feelings with words so you will both give the most of yourselves in bed.

With time your physical harmony will deepen but passion will decrease, unless you have a strong influence from the fire or water signs in your astrological map.

Woman Virgo with Man Capricorn

Virgo Compatibility with Virgo Woman and Capricorn Man: If he loves you hi will not calm down before he marries you.

The Capricorn man lives with the feeling that if he doesn’t hurry up someone else may steal your heart from under his very nose.

You will appreciate the sense of security that the Capricorn emanates. Even if he is at the first steps of the ladder of his career you can see that he has very big chances of climbing it are very big.

However, he will hardly afford to go on a romantic trip during your honeymoon. Both of you have so many engagements that it will be rather imprudent to leave them behind only in order to indulge into physical delights in a hotel room.

You could perform these activities equally well at home. When you drop the inhibitions in your physical intercourse, you will understand what the saying “appetite comes with eating” mean and will secretly dream of a second honeymoon somewhere on the Canadian Islands.

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