Taurus Love Relationship Compatibility and Best Matches

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Taurus Love Relationship Compatibility

Taurus Compatibility

Taurus(from 21.04 to 20.05)
Motto“I possess!”
StonesSapphire, aquamarine, agate, turquoise
Compatible SignsVirgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces
In-compatible SignsLeo, Aquarius, Sagittarius
Happy Numbers6

Taurus Love Relationship Compatibility with others as per astrological zodiac sign. Find your matches by the rule of horoscope to make life beautiful.

Taurus Compatibility: The compatible or incompatible quivering between persons plays a major role in the romantic road of love.

Compatibility – is it joined to love?

Find out if that “special someone” is right for you.

What are the potentials for the relationship? These horoscopes are general but with a useful information.

Many believe when we were born is the reason for both liking and disliking others. The truth is: there are a large number of reasons.

Find out about your Love Compatibility astrology horoscope with other signs…

Taurus Love Relationship Compatibility

Taurus Compatibility

Taurus Personality: Taurus symbolizes earth sign and it is their principle reason for practicality.

They are rational individuals who are practical in their approach. They tend towards stubbornness; however, they are true soul mates.

It is an earthy & tactile sign, making it seldom for them to be materialistic. Physical attraction is of foremost importance in relation to romantic linkups.

Taurus in Negatives: Taurus is known to be stubborn and inflexible in their approach. They are often self-indulgent making them rude & ignorant of others’ emotions.

They tend to be materialistic & in their bid to maintain their classy image in the society, sometimes can lead them to financial disaster.

They are possessive often transcending into jealousy and resentment. They are also frugal in spending often not fulfilling the demands of their loved ones.

Taurus Relationship Compatibility

Taurus Love Relationship Compatibility, Taurus Soulmate, Taurus Best Match And More!

(Taurus in Love) Taurus in Positives: Taurus is determined and peaceful & though not a leader themselves, are capable of recognizing someone with great leadership qualities and following them.

They have a good sense of humor and are intelligent making them popular amongst their contemporary.

They are dependable not shaken by any challenges. They have a strong belief in their values often sacrificing other relationships to uphold them.

Taurus in Relationship: Taurus is a zodiac sign which always want to be involved in love be it casual dates or intense partnerships.

Their strong will is a major attraction but their rigid nature often dissuades people from getting too close.

They resist change even if it means to please their loved ones. Conversely, they are loyal and possessive about their loved ones.

They don’t fantasize about any relationship gone sour & are comfortable with the idea of leaving someone if they have hurt them.

Taurus in Professional life: Taurus being an earth sign is considered to be a workaholic. They are loyal, dependable hard workers & are very valuable asset as long as they cooperate with others.

They are pragmatic and humble making them highly respectable. They have sharp business acumen but can sometimes be a bit obstinate, which can dampen their goodwill among their colleagues.

They have short temper which can sometimes cost them financially.

Taurus in Friendship: Taurus is loyal friend; rest assured they will be around their friends whenever they need them.

They understand the value of a worthwhile friend often being a tad possessive. Taurus often follows a set of activities which they enjoy with a specific group of friends avoiding rocking the boat.

Taurus may become stubborn or limited & often gel with friends who are stable building the foundations of very strong friendships.

How to attract a Taurus Person?: Taurus always gets attracted to people who exhibit similar interests as theirs, in short, they have to be like-minded who gravitate & bond on similar likeable aspects.

They like to take their own time, don’t rush them into anything. They like to be in a secure environment, hence try to make them feel secure & be honest.

They enjoy company of their loved ones, always try to express love for family & togetherness.

Famous Taurus People in World: Pope John Paul II, David Beckham, Robert Pattinson, Jessica Alba, Enrique Iglesias, Pierce Brosnan, Kaka.

Best Matches of Taurus: Capricorn and Virgo Very harmonious and Stable. Scorpio Even though it can be intense and stormy.

Worst Matches of Taurus: Sagittarius is to free spirited and Gemini is too restless. Aries Strong wills can bounce off each other and create stress.

Taurus in Love

What does Taurus do in love? Taurus people are one of the most confident people of all the Zodiac signs.

They seem to be perfectly in control of themselves and understand the nuances of maintaining a relationship.

They take mature decisions are very calm in case of crisis. They take their time to know a person well before bracing their trust on the opposite individual.

They do not make relationships in haste and once committed; they can be the most sacrificing partners.

Man Taurus with Woman Leo

Taurus Compatibility with Taurus Man and Leo Woman: You were fall in love with the unsuited woman.

I hope, I am not right. She was born to be a queen and you shout be a prince at least. But if the fate was got you together you have to give her everything.

You have to invest in her jewelry and dresses. Like that you can rest assured that you will keep her for a long time. The luxury does appeal her.

Woman Taurus with Man Leo

Taurus Compatibility with Taurus Woman and Leo Man: Your passion for comfort and beautiful things and people unites you.

There is no doubt you are a remarkable couple, which could not be unnoticed in society.

You will be strongly impressed by the presents from the man Leo; most probably you haven’t met anyone who made such gestures of generosity.

You are ready to accept him and to devote yourself entirely and it will be so until he tries to take full control over you. Then he will have to understand the meaning of the words “as stubborn as a calf”.

If he also turns out to be stubborn in his intentions to show you who is the boss, then your relationship is doomed to failure.

Physical intimacy is wild and passionate, especially if you had been in conflict before the act, but be careful because this way of making love could turn into a conditional reflex (to look for a conflict because of the physical intimacy after it).

Man Taurus with Woman Scorpio

Taurus Compatibility with Taurus Man and Scorpio Woman: There is the animal attraction between you.

She is magnetic, fascinating, passionate and enigmatic. You will fall in love with her like never before. You will open new dimensions in physical intimacy.

On the other hand, you will be the man who will satisfy all her desires. Your relationship can be defined as… fatal attraction. It won’t be long before you start finding out some demerits in her behavior.

Woman Taurus with Man Scorpio

Taurus Compatibility with Taurus Woman and Scorpio Man: You are very tense and once you fall in love with a man Scorpio, you will pursue him with the insistence of a hunter going after his victim (you had hardly thought that you were capable of such behavior).

But you should know that the role of a victim does not appeal to the Scorpio – he prefers to set the snare on the woman that his heart has chosen by his own.

In case you are already together, then it is sure that you take pleasure in the complete union of your bodies and souls because the Water (The Scorpio) and the Earth (the Tarsus) complete each other in a unique way giving birth to abundance and life.

Of course, he will have to satisfy not only your physical needs but also your needs of financial and emotional certainty, which in no case take the second place for you.

Man Taurus with Woman Libra

Taurus Love Compatibility with Taurus Man and Libra Woman: Venus governs these two signs.

She is the most refined woman that you have ever seen. When you are together you look… uncouth.

The woman Virgo is not stupid at all. She will lead you by the nose. It is enough for her to say one word, and you will start melting.

That what you appreciate highly is her sense of justice. And she appreciates your honesty.

You won’t reach harmony with her in bed at the first try, but with every passing way the physical intimacy will bring you a satisfaction.

Woman Taurus with Man Libra

Taurus Love Compatibility with Taurus Woman and Libra Man: Your relationship is filled with so much romance and warmth, that surely you do not remember about the first law of Murphy – “Everything that starts good – ends bed”.

It does not refer to both of you, you will say or at least till it really happens. Such a big love, as it is between you, will be put to very big tests, which few women could endure.

But it is good to know the second law of Murphy as well – “Everything that starts bed – end even worse”, so when the beginning is pink there is no matter what the end will be.

The man Libra is a very tender lover, his words will soothe your ear and you will forgive him everything easily.

In physical intimacy there is an entire harmony because you are under the influence of the planet of love – Venus and you get easy into the mood of the needs of your partner.

Man Taurus with Woman Virgo

Taurus Compatibility with Taurus Man and Virgo Woman: You both are practical and down to earth.

It is hard to say that between you there was love at first sight, but attraction goes more strongly after a time.

Maybe for you she is perfect – she is humble, friendly and the most important… she is a lady. It is hard to say that you are the most romantic couple, but you both are delighted with full physical contact.

Woman Taurus with Man Virgo

Taurus Compatibility with Taurus Woman and Virgo Man: Even though you have different tempers, you are with such similar vibrations that there is a great possibility for your acquaintance to be fateful.

The problems during the period of courting are due to fact that you know how to entertain yourself, while the man Virgo has far less tendency to take pleasure in life.

But even though he appeals to you because he gives you stability and confidence, there will be no wonder if you made the first step towards your intimacy.

You are earth-born, sensual and amorous, so in the physical attitude you will be fully satisfied by your partner, who has the reputation of a perfectionist in everything, including in physical intimacy.

But he will be more satisfied by your relationship than you will, because you need more emotions, entertaining and comfort than the man Virgo can offer.

Man Taurus with Woman Capricorn

Taurus Relationship Compatibility with Taurus Man and Capricorn Woman: You think you found the woman of your dreams finally.

It won’t be easy to win her affection. She does not entrance by promises and good resolutions. When she persuaded of your seriousness, she will give up to you completely.

This is something that few women are able to do. You may rely on it that you can trust her. You can be sure of her loyalty.

You have to be very careful if you are unfaithful on her. She is a woman who forgives, but does not forget.

Woman Taurus with Man Capricorn

Taurus Relationship Compatibility with Taurus Woman and Capricorn Man: There could not be a more stable union between a man and a woman!

There could not be a more stable union between a man and a woman! Your dreams coincide entirely with the long-term plans of the man Capricorn and this circumstance strengthens your harmonic co-existence.

When he strives after the next professional peak, he can rely on your wholehearted support.

The man Capricorn is conservative and he prefers his wife to stay at home looking after the household, while he is earning money.

Your physical life will be on a high level, provided he do not waste all his energy in self-proving in professional field.

He will not give you flowers every day, but you might be sure that he will not forget to surprise you with expensive and practical presents on your birthdays.

Man Taurus with Woman Sagittarius

Taurus Compatibility with Taurus Man and Sagittarius Woman: This relationship is difficult for you.

Your outlooks on life are different. You are practical and materialist, she is idealist. You prefer the domesticity and she prefer the travels and challenges. In physical aspect she finds you traditionalist.

Your relationship has future, but you have to grow up to be more impulsive, and she has to be successful in decreasing her intensity.

Woman Taurus with Man Sagittarius

Taurus Compatibility with Taurus Woman and Sagittarius Man: You need certainty as much as he needs adventure, so the key to success in your relationship is hidden in combining the two needs.

Man, Sagittarius has big plans, but he needs someone to motivate him to undertake their fulfillment.

He is absent-minded; so, do not be shy to remind him where he is going to, and one day he will become a model husband who will do his best for his family.

You will not always understand his jokes, but you will laugh kindly on his clumsy attempts to make a knot of his tie.

Your physical unity is a wonderful mixture of great passion and desire, which fill you with delight.

Man Taurus with Woman Aries

Taurus Compatibility with Taurus Man and Aries Woman: She is a woman who will try to lose your balance but she will fail.

She just tries to make you more dynamic, but she doesn’t know how… Namely, smile. You will have problems whit her about your finances too.

She will be the dominant in the bed and she will be bored with you after a time. It looks like a very difficult relationship filled with lack of satisfaction.

Woman Taurus with Man Aries

Taurus Compatibility with Taurus Woman and Aries Man: Together you are like Mars and Venus.

You are personification of the true manliness, she – the woman in the full sense of the word. What more can you want of a relationship? First clouds on the horizon will arise when you get how different you both are.

You love computers and sport, she – The Nature and fancy restaurants. If you are married, it will be difficult for you to distribute the budget.

She will insist on the family savings, whereas you prefer living gambling and often you borrow money.

It is something whit what the woman Taurus whit great difficulty will be reconciled. Your physical live is great. You are perfect life partners related to physical relations.

Man Taurus with Woman Gemini

Taurus Compatibility with Taurus Man and Gemini Woman: You are in love with a very intelligent woman.

She has thirst for life and adventures. You know how to keep her now… You have to give her challenges.

You have to follow her and stand by her. Don’t restrict her up. Otherwise she will go no matter how good you are.

Woman Taurus with Man Gemini

Taurus Compatibility with Taurus Woman and Gemini Man: Whatever you like in this man, it will not last for long.

You have quite different tempers; his nervousness and impatience sooner or later will piss you off.

You would like him to give you security – a word with a meaning that the man Gemini could hardly understand fully.

He enjoys life, it could be said that he is bohemian, and even he could not turn down the opportunity to marry you, he will try to postpone it for as long as possible.

In your physical contacts you are also totally different – you look for deep and passionate experience, so you will strive for intimacy, while for man Gemini it seems as if you are possessing of him.

Touching of bodies is enough for you, so you do not need light while making love, but he needs feast of senses, that is why he prefer physical intimacy in light.

Man Taurus with Woman Cancer

Taurus Compatibility with Taurus Man and Cancer Woman: She is sensitive by nature.

There are some similar things in your nature, but they bring you close together. You both lay up for a rainy day. You both are excellent cook and you both love cooking. You love delighting her.

In physical aspect you are completely compatible. I can’t see what can separate you from one another.

Woman Taurus with Man Cancer

Taurus Compatibility with Taurus Woman and Cancer Man: Heavens bless your love or it might be more precisely to say Earth blesses it.

You have the feeling that you were made for each other even from the second meeting. I said the second because you do not belong to the air or fiery signs, which fall in love from the first sight.

When you are already together, you will find that the earth is the most magnificent planet, a genuine heavenly place, but when Adam stands by Eve.

In intimacy you will achieve harmony too, but also from the second time when the embarrassment and uncertainty will give way to the certainty and the deep emotional and physical union of your bodies.

The only problem, which could obscure your mutual happiness, is the inability to forgive, so that you should be careful about such small rocks that could turn over the chariot of your love, it would be a pity, if you don’t.

When it comes to finances your alliance will be successful because you think in the same way about money.

Man Taurus with Woman Aquarius

Taurus Compatibility with Taurus Man and Aquarius Woman: She is like a free bird…

How did you catch her? If you want your relationship to be for a long time, you have to remember two thinks.

First, she needs of an unconditional freedom.

Second, she needs of dreams to be happy.

She loves trying new thinks in the bed. She thirsts for new emotions while you seek after the pleasure no matter how you got it.

Woman Taurus with Man Aquarius

Taurus Compatibility with Taurus Woman and Aquarius Man: Sooner or later you will find with surprise that something in your relationship is not all right.

And it will happen at the moment you try hard to adapt to all the strange parts of his character.

The storm will come when for your birthday he gives you a book with a title “Introduction in astrology”, instead of the golden necklace that you stared at the previous day while shopping.

He strongly refuses to understand that you are a material girl with material wishes and you need material love!

You will get tired of listening to his genius ideas about earning money, and you will not be satisfied with a friendly pat on the shoulder when you need love.

About the man Aquarius it is easier to invent an engine or a time machine than guess your necessities.

He is in love with you and loves you in his own way, so if you love him tell him with simple words what you need on daily basis.

Man Taurus with Woman Pisces

Taurus Compatibility with Taurus Man and Pisces Woman: You will enjoy being with her.

Your relationship will be peaceful and sensual with lots of love. It will be a relationship without unnecessary anxiety. Do you know the proverb “Still waters run deep”?

I think it describes her character fully. Even after ten years relationship you will find her charming. She is more sensitive than you are.

Also, she really knows how to forgive and it is something that you can learn from her. Together you will have passionate love life full with love.

Woman Taurus with Man Pisces

Taurus Compatibility with Taurus Woman and Pisces Man: There are two words that unite you in an inexplicable way: tranquility and peace.

The man Pisces should provide you with financial security and confidence about tomorrow, and you have to provide him with peace, so that he could meditate every time when the rough reality hurts him.

Your similar vibrations are a very good prerequisite for an intimate life full of tenderness and warmth.

He will guess your physical desire and he will do things about which there is not even a line written in the handbooks of physical intimacy (except for the unpublished parts of Kemah Sutra). You have all the necessary prerequisites for a happy marriage.

Woman Taurus with Man Aries

Taurus Compatibility with Taurus Woman and Aries Man: Together you are like Mars and Venus; a woman in the true sense of the word, and a man representing manhood, what more could a person want from a relationship?

The first clouds on the horizon of happiness will appear when you notice how different you are. You like Nature and posh restaurants, and he likes –

computers and sports. If you marry, it will be very hard to distribute the family income, you will insist on saving money and solid investing in home equipment, while the man Aries prefers to play games of chance and often to live by borrowing – a thing which you could hardly put up with.

You are good partners in physical intimacy, you accept the Aries as he is (you like his passionate temper) and you give yourself to him entirely in the love act.

Woman Taurus with Man Taurus

Taurus Compatibility with Taurus Woman and Taurus Man: You are very much alike, that probably you have the feeling you have found your soul mate.

It is a very good astrological combination for living together and even for a marriage. Together you could build a home and a family, which many people only dream of.

When it comes to physical intimacy you fit perfectly, you know how to take pleasure in your emotions. But maybe in some moments you will miss challenges in physical intimacy.

A serious problem in your relationship could be your well-known stubbornness and rancor; you will make your partner pay for all the troubles, which he had made.

You should learn to forgive and you will be pleased with a long and harmonious relationship.

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