Scorpio Love Relationship Compatibility and Best Matches

Scorpio Love Relationship Compatibility, Scorpio Soulmate And More | What Does The Future Has In Store For You | Get Your Call Of Destiny Now!

Scorpio Love Relationship Compatibility

Scorpio Love Relationship Compatibility with others as per astrological zodiac sign. Find your matches by the rule of horoscope to make life beautiful.

Scorpio Compatibility

Scorpio(from 23.10 to 21.1)
Motto“I wish!”
ColorDark red
Compatible SignsCancer, Pisces
In-compatible SignsLeo, Capricorn, Taurus, Aquarius
Happy Numbers9

Scorpio Love Relationship Compatibility

Scorpio Love Compatibility

Scorpio in Love

Scorpio’s are straightforward people and it is a child’s play for them to get to know the real you.

It is very difficult to pretend or fake in front of them as they have a sort of inborn ability to peep through the opposite person’s insights. Scorpio’s are very intense in nature and always to things on the edge.

When they are committed, they will dedicate their life to their partners and when infuriated, it is best to stay away from them.

Scorpio’s do not really display an array of emotions and generally keep to themselves.

Scorpio Love Compatibility

When you read this article, you will come to know more about the “Scorpio Best Match” and “Scorpio Love Compatibility”. Know with Scorpio Most Compatible Sign and less compatible.

Scorpio Most Compatible Sign: Cancers are always on a lookout for someone who is protective towards them and takes the lead to mend things in their emotional outbursts. Scorpio willingly provides this making it a good pair.

In case of Pisces too, they become like supporting pillars for their partners which will help them share a great bond.

Scorpio’s pairing with a Scorpio will be almost like fireworks in the beginning but it will take time to flourish into a long lasting one.

Scorpio is Less compatible with: Scorpio’s may not be best paired with Virgo because of the very contrasting values of life. Virgo’s are also very critical which may not go down well with Scorpio’s.

They will also not gel with a Sagittarius who does not like to be bounded. Scorpios will try to shape Virgo’s opinions according to them, which doesn’t agree very well with Virgo.

Scorpio Love Traits

Know more about the love traits of Scorpio sign. The love characteristics have been divided into positives and negatives below. Read on.

Positive Love Traits of Scorpio: Scorpio’s are extremely fanatical about their partners in love and will go out of their way to make their partner happy. They are also very protective towards their partners.

Scorpio’s are very loyal partners and it is hardly possible that your Scorpio partner will leave you mid-way.

Scorpio does also have an air of mystery around them which keeps their partner’s interest intact. Scorpio’s personality is almost seductive and captivating.

Negative Love Traits of Scorpio: It is very difficult for a Scorpio to forgive someone once hurt or betrayed.

Scorpio’s are possessive partners and therefore get jealous easily. This quality may leave their partners disturbed sometimes.

They are also prone to being stubborn and to a certain extent, materialistic. Because they do not really express their emotions in the open, their partners will have a tough time to guess what’s going on in their minds.

Scorpio Relationship Compatibility

Scorpio Love Relationship Compatibility, Scorpio Soulmate, Scorpio Best Match And More!

Man Scorpio with Woman Aquarius

Scorpio Compatibility with Scorpio Man and Aquarius Woman: I am convinced that except the physical attraction, there is some other passion that you share – submarine fishing, jumping with budgie or occult sciences.

The girl Aquarius is more spontaneous than you and she has impatiently waited for the moment in which you have decided to invite her to your home to see your collection of stamps.

If you have thought that you know everything about physical intimacy, it is the woman Aquarius who will give you a surprise, but you would hardly show your astonishment in front her.

Your relationship, even if it is not much in harmony, could be extremely instructive and refreshing for both of you.

Your common interests could better be combined with the support you give to each other about your professional growth and career.

Despite everything else you are good friends, which is great advantage in one relationship.

Woman Scorpio with Man Aquarius

Scorpio Compatibility with Scorpio Woman and Aquarius Man: I am almost certain that there isn’t another couple like yours.

I am almost certain that there isn’t another couple like yours. Impossible, but a fact – love is really blind since you two are together!

He is in the clouds sitting on a flying carpet and little is he interested in the way people live on earth.

You seem to him a hybrid between a mermaid and a golden fish, bound to fulfill all his wishes.

At the same time, you have to be constantly online, because he might feel like hearing you any time.

Still, your relations will never be boring, there will always be something new happening – sometimes sad, sometimes joyful…

May be the secret of your relationship is the powerful physical attraction between you, the friendship that unites you and the similar interests in the esoteric disciplines or in other mysterious sides of life.

The stumbling block in your relationship will turn out to be the material aspect, because after all money doesn’t grow on trees but someone has to earn it.

Man Scorpio with Woman Aries

Scorpio Compatibility with Scorpio Man and Aries Woman: Have you noticed that when you dance the Aries woman is trying to lead the tango.

She will try to do the same thing in life. Anyway, it will seem to her inexplicable why, after obviously you burn with desire for her, you don’t directly tell her about your feelings.

Both of you are jealous but while you only suspect your partner in all sorts of sins, she will directly accuse you of such.

The physical attraction between you is strong unlike the spiritual one in which you will be faced with the different views of life of your partner who is born under the sign of Aries.

When you are together in the air could be seen sparks blazing when your eyes full of desire meet one another.

However, if a spiritual closeness arises between you, it will be on the account of the sublimation of the physical energy which the Scorpio will do.

Woman Scorpio with Man Aries

Scorpio Compatibility with Scorpio Woman and Aries Man: The key word in your love relationship is passion.

Finally, you have found your match, as they say. You are about to go through real peaks in your physical intercourse, something you anticipated as early as the first date together.

There is electricity between you all the time, which could cause real fire and burn you to ashes.

The Aries is a warrior by birth and lives with the ambition to conquer the whole world, including you.

But you are of quite a different mind and you will find a way to show it. At first the Aries may win the battle, but not the war, though.

The symbol of the Aries sign is the firebird called phoenix, which resurrects from the ashes – something that cannot be said about the representative of the sign, the Aries.

In other words, it is him who will be the victim. Even if your relationship is not that aggressive, at any rate, it will not be a calm and harmonious one.

Man Scorpio with Woman Sagittarius

Scorpio Compatibility with Scorpio Man and Sagittarius Woman: She is open exactly how you are secretive, and her romantic is equal to your physicality.

Is it possible a sign of equation to exist between these opposite vibrations? I think it is even though for a while.

She will lunge in the relationship with open heart and passion, and also, she will tell you first that she loves you. It will make you be careful about her intentions.

And when you decide that you can be with her, she will have already started to move away.

Your differences in physical intimacy, however, warm up your imagination and passion to the boiling point, so this part of your relation is quite satisfactory for both of you. There is something else that could join you and it is the belief in God.

Woman Scorpio with Man Sagittarius

Scorpio Compatibility with Scorpio Woman and Sagittarius Man: For the Sagittarius Man life is like a game and the relationship with you – an adventure.

So, for quite a long time you will ask for no other extreme experience, in case Destiny has willed to get you connected with such a man.

The beginning of your relationship is very dynamic and full of feelings and emotions, which by no means give out the impending problems, just as the bright morning of an ordinary October day does not forebode a storm.

The lightning will strike him when one of his regular “innocent” jokes slips his tongue.

Your tongue is mercilessly sharp and with the precision of a surgical scalpel will dissect all his shortcomings, so that the Sagittarius will feel dizzy.

He will look at you innocently and will not understand what in his words has made you angry.

Your physical relations will depend exclusively on the degree of your feelings and the good mood of the Sagittarius.

At one moment you may be very passionate, and at another moment you may feel quite estranged. You will give in to your desires at most extraordinary places.

Man Scorpio with Woman Taurus

Scorpio Compatibility with Scorpio Man and Taurus Woman: The Taurus woman is patient and once having fallen in love with you she will chase you with the persistence of a hunter after her pray (she would hardly imagine she is capable of such behavior).

But why the role of a victim doesn’t suit you so much? You prefer to be the one who sets the trap for the object of affection.

If we take that you are already together then it is sure that you enjoy the complete fusion of your bodies and souls because Water (Scorpio) and Earth (Taurus) complement one another in a unique way which gives birth to abundance and life.

Certainly, she is a real material girl and you have to take this into consideration and to satisfy not only her physical needs but also her needs for financial and emotional stability which, in no case, are of secondary importance to her.

Woman Scorpio with Man Taurus

Scorpio Compatibility with Scorpio Woman and Taurus Man: It has been wild animal attraction between you since the very first moment your eyes met.

You are magnetic, attractive, passionate and mysterious, and he will fall in love with you more deeply than ever in his life. You will find in the man Taurus a lover who will satisfy all your desires.

In terms of physical relationship you will reach limits that you have never suspected they exist. Probably, the two words that best describe your relationship are “fatal attraction”.

In the course of time you will start discovering traits in his character (such as obstinacy, rancor, sluggishness, jealousy), which, to put it mildly, are not your cup of tea, but you will not find the proper courage to break away with him, and you will go back to him again and again.

Still, it will be you who will make the first step towards your parting (if things get that intolerable), because you are the one to take radical decisions.

If, however, the Taurus man reveals before you his positive traits such as patience, faithfulness, loyalty, devotion, your relationship will turn into a wonderful marriage.

Man Scorpio with Woman Pisces

Scorpio Compatibility with Scorpio Man Pisces Woman: If I say that you live in a world of fairy-tales, I will not be far away of the truth.

You understand these words in all its meanings – physical, emotional and intellectual. The fusion of your souls is such as natural as a drop of rain dissolve in the ocean.

When a woman Pisces is somewhere around you but you do not see her, you can feel the light coming from her aura.

She did not say anything just come closer, then you made a step towards her, taking her hand and then you together made your way for the world of materialized dreams.

Do not think that you do not say a word to each other. The communication between you is saturated with hearing and comprehension, deep solidarity and confidence.

This could be said also about the intimacy in which the depth of your physical relation experience and the joy of ecstasy are without a rival. The stars forebode a beautiful love and happy marriage.

Woman Scorpio with Man Pisces

Scorpio Compatibility with Scorpio Woman and Pisces Man: When you are next to that man you will marvel at yourself, because in his presence you will display only the appealing traits of your character.

When you are next to that man you will marvel at yourself, because in his presence you will display only the appealing traits of your character.

Your notorious jealousy and vindictiveness will be forever buried on the bottom of the ocean, because the Pisces man will not provoke them in the slightest.

Happy and in love you will hold each other’s hands in oblivion of everything and everyone.

You complete each other perfectly and could spend the rest of your life on a desert island without missing any of the worldly vanity and glamour.

And as far as physical relationship is concerned, the physical fusion of your bodies may be stronger and more overwhelming than the spiritual one.

No matter for how long you have lived together, each one will keep at least one small secret, which will pester the other partner until he or she reveals that secret. A game that could last forever…

Man Scorpio with Woman Gemini

Scorpio Compatibility with Scorpio Man and Gemini Woman: There is no possibility this woman not to fascinate you with her cheerful chatter and youthful charm.

You will ascribe her being late for your first date to chance but this would be a mistake because her being late is a sign which would speak more possibly of her unwillingness to bind herself to anyone even if this is the hottest man on earth;-).

However, she will be more impressed by the determination and self-control with which you cope with critical situations and by the depth of your knowledge.

You have a ready answer to every question despite having read less books than she did.

The differences in your physical temper could be stimulating for you relationship in the very beginning but later they could aggravate because Scorpio ascribes a lot more importance to physical intimacy than the Gemini woman.

Woman Scorpio with Man Gemini

Scorpio Compatibility with Scorpio Woman and Gemini Man: He is a charming boy eager to go into adventures and it will not be hard for him to conquer you by his sweet chat, which you will misinterpret as a serious talk.

And “serious” is the last adjective that comes up to my mind when it is about a Gemini man.

It will be really difficult for you to decipher his thoughts. The tension from the unknown will not let you relax completely when you are together.

The most pertinent question will be “Why is he with me? Is it because of the fantastic physical relation we have? Are his declarations of love true?”

Hardly will you ever get a satisfactory answer to these questions. Here comes another one “Is it likely that our relationship will result in marriage?” Here even the stars keep silence.

Man Scorpio with Woman Scorpio

Scorpio Compatibility with Scorpio Man and Scorpio Woman: As the time passes the feeling that you have met a soul mate becomes stronger.

It does not seem the same for your relatives, who disapprove your relationship, but let them what they want.

You have been made to provoke each other and to get over the barriers, which you build in front of your own happiness.

But the game you play is equally interesting for both of you, because you know the rules, as if a chess-player meets a worthy opponent.

The physical measures of your relationship overreach the number three, but no-body knows exactly how they are.

Every night you start playing a love game, you came to the boundary between the reality and some invisible worlds.

However, be careful, because the games could turn into wars and then there could be victims from both sides.

Woman Scorpio with Man Scorpio

Scorpio Compatibility with Scorpio Woman and Scorpio Man: The feeling you have found a soul mate will get stronger with time.

For an onlooker, however, it doesn’t seem like that at all, and probably your relatives disapprove of your relationship, but let them think as they like.

You have been designed to provoke each other and to overcome the obstacles that you yourselves put in the way to your happiness.

But the game you play is equally interesting to both, because you know the rules. The chess player gets the similar feeling when he meets a worthy opponent.

The physical dimensions of your relationship are more than three, but how many they are exactly, hardly anyone can tell.

Every night, when you start the game of love, you find yourselves on the border between reality and the invisible worlds.

Just be careful that the games you play will not turn into wars, because there will be victims on both sides.

Man Scorpio with Woman Capricorn

Scorpio Compatibility with Scorpio Man and Capricorn Woman: Even though she does not show it, this girl has devoted her heart forever to one person and this is you.

I said forever and I could hardly make a mistake with that statement. She will understand your gloomy moods better than any other woman, and she will not ask unnecessary questions, aiming to reveal the secrets you are jealously hiding.

She will arm with patience and will wait you to reveal your soul and feelings in front her, even if it should pass years till this moment come.

If you marry her, you will have the opportunity to observe how with every next year the gill Capricorn blossom like a tender flower, which shows its beauty only to the true mountaineers.

Your physical intimacy will not be accompanied with fanfares, but again the time works for you and the dessert is foreseen for the end.

Woman Scorpio with Man Capricorn

Scorpio Compatibility with Scorpio Woman and Capricorn Man: The Capricorn is a stronghold, which many women are willing to conquer, because of his capacity to get well in life and successfully climb the social ladder.

He, however, dreams of falling head over heels in love and marry for love, although he wouldn’t admit it even to himself.

The way you are able to bewitch men will make him fall in love with you, may for the first time in his life, regardless of the fact that he is over thirty.

His common sense will take leave of him and for a moment he will forget all about his ambitious plans and projects.

Soon, however, he will come to his senses and suppress his emotions, but this time his long-term plans for the future will include your persona.

Still, there may be some problems that you will have to resolve with your beloved Capricorn.

First of all, he will have to try to give up his attempts to control you and impose on you his morals.

In physical relationship terms you are a good match unless the Capricorn man invests all his energy into work.

Quite many representatives of that sign are workaholics, but this is due to the fact that they marry women they don’t love.

Man Scorpio with Woman Cancer

Scorpio Relationship Compatibility with Scorpio Man and Cancer Woman: She is sensitive and delicate, open but still mysterious, beautiful, with sense of humor- enough reasons to want her be yours forever.

The power of the magnetic attraction between you will stick you to each other with such a force that you will have to try hard when you have to leave for work, for example.

As to intimacy, you immerse in the deep waters of physical ecstasy and mutual adoration accompanied by uncovering of the soul and coming out of your shells which protect you from the outer world.

Exactly this can cause problems because if any one of you makes the mistake of hurting emotionally their partner, then the consequences could be fatal. No outside agent could destroy your union blessed by the element Water.

Woman Scorpio with Man Cancer

Scorpio Relationship Compatibility with Scorpio Woman and Cancer Man: Your stars are in a favorable configuration of the trigon, which is a good prerequisite for your love to last and live through the storms and whirlwinds of life.

You have a lot of things in common, you are each other’s support and you are able to understand the innermost thoughts and feelings of your partner.

And when somebody manages to see your deepest secrets, it makes you feel that man closer even than a husband or a relation partner.

And since I mentioned “physical relation”, it comes to my mind that the Cancer man is an excellent lover, to him love and physical intimacy are part and parcel of one and the same thing.

The physical attraction between you is so strong that it could make you forget all about the outside world, when your bodies and souls become one in the moments of supreme ecstasy.

Man Scorpio with Woman Leo

Scorpio Compatibility with Scorpio Man and Leo Woman: Both of you need challenges in love relationships and finally you found them in the face of your partner.

Alchemy of love requires the hot iron (Leo) to immerse in the cool water (Scorpio) to harden.

And yes, whatever the end of your relationship is, you will come out of it more experienced and nothing on earth will be able to surprise or scare you.

The fight for predominance will be carried on with allowed and forbidden means as it will start with claims for the family budget control and distribution and will end in bed.

In bed, no matter how good lovers you are, you will have to adjust to each other until you reach the peak because each one of you will try to demonstrate something to the other.

If you hesitate whom to blame for this you can give vent to your anger on aspect square in which your signs are situated.

You can neutralize this unfavorable aspect with flattery addressed to the Leo woman but this will be in contradiction to your Scorpio nature.

Woman Scorpio with Man Leo

Scorpio Compatibility with Scorpio Woman and Leo Man: Your stars are in a favorable configuration of the trigon, which is a good prerequisite for your love to last and live through the storms and whirlwinds of life.

There is a touch of the tragic in your relationship, and you have sensed that from the very beginning, at the moment you laid your eyes on that man. He is too self-confident about the influence he exerts upon women.

Soon, however, he will feel that he is losing control on the events unlike you. He will try to resist, but shortly he will let himself be swept away by the river of love.

It will be a difficult relationship, but you will try to stay together, because you need his warmth, and he – the challenges you present to him.

In terms of physical relationship you will have many unforgettable moments, but sometimes reality will be different from what you have imagined, still you will not be brave enough to discuss it with him.

You will search within yourself for the reasons, but in fact the reason is in the lack of balance between your two elements, balance which is hard to achieve. Too much water extinguishes fire, and too much fire evaporates water.

Man Scorpio with Woman Virgo

Scorpio Love Compatibility with Scorpio Man and Virgo Woman: You have chosen her and have decided that she will be yours even if at the moment you first met you were with a stunning beauty and next to her the woman Virgo looked like a shy schoolgirl.

Despite his renowned lustfulness each Scorpio is looking for purity and innocence in the woman next to him, and that is exactly these qualities that drew you close to that woman.

She couldn’t resist your magnetic charm but she really fell in love long after you have gone to bed for the first time.

With time the feelings grow deeper and the physical unity of your bodies will become more and more beautiful and harmonious, each of you will give his/her most to give the other the ultimate pleasure.

This is enough for you to forgive the Virgo her inclination to criticize, and enough for her to forgive you your excessive quietness and secretiveness.

Your union has all chances of being long-term but quite boring, or short-term but full with provocations. Let destiny choose the better reading of the two.

Woman Scorpio with Man Virgo

Scorpio Love Compatibility with Scorpio Woman and Virgo Man: Some call this power destiny, others – karma, but could it be that God Himself has something to do with it?

The relationship with a Virgo man could turn out to be a real test, because his pragmatic point of view and his immaculate demeanor will be a constant tacit rebuke to you.

Let alone (if he is the typical Virgo) the thousands of explicitly stated remarks, counsels and instructions that you will have to bear.

Your relationship very much resembles a stairway to Heaven which you are ascending and he – descending (or vice versa – depending on the level of your spiritual growth).

Your meeting on the halfway between Heaven and hell will be the most remarkable event in your life.

He may be thinking that he is saving you from “immigrating” into the world of spirits or just from falling into hell’s abyss, but it is more likely that you are preventing him from drowning in the marshes of the physical world or from getting caught by the trap of perfectionism.

The Virgo man could be a good lover, though not very inventive, that’s why you’d better take the lead in bed.

Man Scorpio with Woman Libra

Scorpio Compatibility with Scorpio Man and Libra Woman: The smile of this woman could ruin the mask of an enigmatic and silent man that you are hiding behind, and turn you into cheerful and garrulous young man, who is in love with the lady of his heart.

She would not believe her friends of Scorpio’s clandestine and authoritative character, and unrestraint physicality. (Except of the last in which she has already been convinced by herself.)

So, she will make a mistake, because her Plutonium nature sooner or later will outweigh and you will pretend to her.

Then for the first time between you will appear a split, which will become deeper and deeper till it become impossible to be mend.

But do not think that the woman Libras is so much helpless as she looks like at first sight.

In some cases, she is found to be the one who wants to be the leader in your relationship, which could make the gentlest Scorpio to use his sting to show her who is the boss.

So, as to decrease the pressure and number of potential conflicts you should say every day that you love her.

Woman Scorpio with Man Libra

Scorpio Compatibility with Scorpio Woman and Libra Man: You must be surprised at the fact that the Libra man has laid his eyes exactly on you, given the rivalry of so many Leo and Virgo women around!

The reason is that he is really keen on getting to the core of the female nature, and there is no better personification of the secrets of that nature than you.

The Libra man is tender, romantic, he accepts you just the way you are and he needs tons of love.

He will expect that you pay much of your attention to him, that you prove your love daily and that you leave him unrestrained.

You will be able to get to his core, but he to your core – I doubt it. That’s why he could hurt you with his irrational behavior and his affairs.

In terms of physical relationship you will match and each will find in the other what he or she is short of – a circumstance that may reinforce your relationship.

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