How to Avoid Phone Radiation?

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Mobile Phone Radiation Shield

The World Health Organization has already announced that mobile phone radiation may be linked to cancer.

Much speculation and research has been done to find out its validity. This realization may have been well known to some, but mobile phones continue to evolve making them an indispensable gadget.

It is clear that we live in very fast-paced times where punctuality is valued, but advancement is even more valued.

With just a few clicks, you can use your mobile phone from answering important messages to sending career-related emails.

These conveniences allow a person to be comfortable, but at the same time unconsciously saturated with radiation. What should you know about it?

Radiation – What is it?

First, it is important to understand what radiation is.

There are three types of radiation.

Firstly, these are alpha particles, which can be considered as helium nuclei. This helium nucleus consists of 2 protons and 2 neutrons. It is positively charged and can pass through paper and clothing.

Secondly, there are beta particles, which are high-speed electrons. They can move 2 or 3 meters through the air.

Thirdly, there is gamma radiation, which can be compared to X-rays. This is the most penetrating type of radiation.

Different Types of Radiation

Radiation comes in many forms. First, there is particle radiation, which occurs when energy moves in an unstable way and an atom is destroyed.

Second, electromagnetic radiation (also known as EMF) has no weight and travels in waves. It can pass through various types of gadgets such as phones, computers, microwave ovens, and many other wireless devices.

1) Electromagnetic Radiation – It is a type of radiation consisting of photons propagating in waves. The fundamental particle for all types of electromagnetic radiation is the photon.

2) Non-ionizing Radiation – It is another type of radiation that has a fairly low radiation energy and is in the lower part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Where can we find non-ionizing radiation? Visible light, lasers, and power lines are just a few.

3) Background Radiation – This type of radiation has sources from the environment. Its source is the earth’s atmosphere, the earth’s crust, cosmic rays and isotopes. Since the sources of radiation are natural, we are easily and sufficiently exposed to them.

4) Cell Phone Tower Radiation – Cell towers have antennas and other means of communication. It contains a transmitter, control electronics, a GPS receiver for synchronization, digital signal processors, and other types of electronic power supplies.

5) Radiation Fog – This type of radiation occurs during the night transition when thermal radiation is emitted by the cool earth.

Mobile Phone Radiation and Health

After the WHO (World Health Organization) declared a carcinogenic effect of mobile phone radiation, it was classified as a “carcinogenic hazard” along with the level of lead and engine exhaust.

This potential danger has led to various studies of mobile phone radiation involving 31 scientists from 14 different countries to study its wide-ranging effects.

A standard finding was reached that included an increase in certain brain cancers (gliomas and acoustic neuromas), a type of cancer that takes root in a gradual but progressive process.

Mobile Phone Danger

Hence the inevitable question, how does mobile phone radiation affect our body? First, mobile phones operate using microwave spectrum signals.

It uses RF (radio frequency) that passes through the body, especially when the gadget is in contact with the body.

Prolonged and frequent use in this way can lead to cancer as well as cognitive memory impairments such as confusion and dizziness.

In addition, one should also consider these potential cell phone hazards due to its radiation:

1) Cell phone radiation can have a direct effect on a pregnant woman. The baby in the uterus can be adversely affected with regular and long-term use.

2) A mobile phone that comes with a conventional wired headset has been found to increase the radiation effect in the ear canal. To enter safe mode, use a wireless headset instead.

3) Being in a closed metal space such as cars or elevators, mobile phone radiation becomes more and more susceptible to all people present. Do not make or answer calls while in this location (Faraday cage effect).

In fact, it is human nature to constantly use something until evidence of inconvenience or danger is presented. Cell phones, which have become more convenient over time, make it easier for us to use them than ever before.

Since there is still further research being done on the extensive effects of cell phone radiation on the body, when it comes to cell phone use, we’d better take precautions for long-term health benefits.

Exposure to Radiation

Are you dangerously exposed to more radiation than you think? Are you more risk averse than you realize?

For many, the term “exposure to radiation” immediately gives the impression of rare but dangerous materials, from nuclear power plants to CT scans.

Contrary to popular belief, most people are unaware that a person can be exposed to more radiation than they realize.

Everyday gadgets like mobile phones can have an indirect and possibly insidious effect on your body.

Concerns such as brain cancer due to a mobile phone can also be directly related to the frequency of mobile phone use. What do you know about it? How is this possible?

Mobile phone can cause seriousness – is it possible?

Interestingly, as mobile phones become more accessible over time, the potential dangers may be more permanent.

Factors such as the amount of time a person spends on the phone and the user’s mobile phone model should be carefully considered.

There have also been many links between the mobile phone and cancer due to being in close proximity to the head during use.

Here are some examples of considerations about the possibility of cell phone cancer:

• Malignant and possibly cancerous brain tumors such as gliomas.

• Benign brain tumors such as meningiomas.

• Benign tumors of the nerve connecting the brain to the ear (acoustic neuromas)

How to Avoid Phone Radiation?

how to avoid phone radiation

How to protect yourself from exposure to radiation? In fact, we cannot completely avoid mobile phone radiation. However, we can find ways to limit our exposure to it. What are the ways?

First, avoid close contact of the mobile phone’s antenna area with your head. Turn on your phone’s speaker mode or wireless earpiece.

Second, if possible, text instead of calling to limit your body’s exposure and exposure to radiation.

Third, set clear boundaries for mobile phone use. Limited mobile phone use also means limited exposure to mobile phone radiation.

At present, no firm conclusions have yet been drawn regarding the extent of mobile phone use, which may be directly related to mobile phone brain cancer.

However, when looking at the long-term effects, it is always better to consider limiting exposure to mobile phone radiation to avoid concerns about the risk.

You may ask yourself: “Am I well protected from mobile phone radiation?”, “Do I have the necessary protection against mobile phone radiation?”

While mobile phone gadgets and accessories are currently available, you may want to reconsider whether you have adequate radiation protection. exposure to radiation. Do you have the necessary radiation protection for your mobile phone?

Mobile Phone Radiation Shield

Have peace of mind when you call with cell phone radiation protection cell phone.

It’s so simple, but so effective!

The EMFDEFENSE Negative Ions Sticker acts as a radiation shield to greatly reduce your exposure to electromagnetic radiation by simply inserting it into the back of your mobile/cell phone.

The EMFDEFENSE Negative Ions Sticker is a 29mm length, 21mm width and 0.5mm thick laminated chip containing fractal crystals of rare earth elements that block electromagnetic radiation. The screen is non-metallic and has no electronic properties.

Guaranteed Quality

EMFDEFENSE Negative Ions Sticker is a market leader in radiation shielding research and development, developing a range of innovative radiation shielding products as well as educating people on how to safely deal with electromagnetic radiation.

The EMFDEFENSE Negative Ions Sticker is manufactured and patented in Europe under the guidance of the European Union.

The World Health Organization has certified the performance and quality of the radiation protection sticker as “meeting the highest quality standards at every level of production.”

How EMFDEFENSE Negative Ions Sticker Works?

The radiation shield is a patented mobile phone security sticker that;

  • Neutralizes up to 99% of mobile phone radiation.
  • Helps relieve conditions associated with phone radiation, including headaches, fatigue, lack of sleep
  • Recommended for both adults and children
  • Does not interfere with phone reception or transmission
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a 3 year warranty from date of purchase
  • The EMFDEFENSE Negative Ions Sticker comes with a 90 days money back guarantee.

Final Words

So how do you live in today’s society with mobile phones, PDAs, tablets, laptops and so many devices in our homes that are potentially dangerous?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to stop using your phone or other devices!

Radiation shielding is available that allows you to use your phone but stay safe from radiation (known as non-ionizing radiation). This small but effective device is known as the EMFDEFENSE Negative Ions Sticker.

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Disclaimer – EMFDEFENSE Negative Ions Sticker is designed to protect and eliminate the harmful effects of non-ionizing radiation from mobile phones on mobile phone users. PLEASE NOTE EMFDEFENSE Negative Ions Sticker is not intended to detect, treat, or restore health to any existing disease. On the other hand, EMFDEFENSE Negative Ions Sticker provides a 99% safe, secure and radiation-free environment for all mobile phone users.

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