How do I Choose a Good Mattress – 10 Things to Consider

How do I Choose a Best Mattress? There are a vast amount of mattresses on the market and it can be confusing as to which one to buy for the consumer. Mattresses are an expensive purchase and truly affect the quality of your life.

Everybody wants a good nights sleep to recharge their body and mind. You want to wake up with vitality and ready to take on the day instead of being fatigued and irritable.

How do I Choose a Good Mattress?

How do I Choose a Good Mattress

A consumer wants the best mattress for their personal situation so it is important to be informed. They need to be aware of what to look for, types of mattresses available and to look at some mattress reviews.

It is our goal to provide you with some great information to help sort through all the mattresses and get the best mattress for your needs.

We have some mattress reviews from some of the leading manufacturers. There are many well known names like Serta and new comers that are revolutionizing the mattresses market with memory foam like Temper-Pedic.

How do I Choose a Good Mattress? You need to know your needs and what you expect from your mattress before you start shopping.

A memory foam mattress might be right for you if you suffer from back pain or aching joints. They provide correct spinal alignment and relieve pressure points.

If your partner is keeping you awake at night then an important consideration is motion transfer to help you sleep.

Memory foam mattresses and spring pocket coil systems have addressed this situation to allow you not to be disturbed by your partners movement.

A hypo-allergenic mattress will be important for you if you suffer from allergies or asthma There are many mattress reviews that recommend the best mattress but you want the one that suits your needs and budget.

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What to Consider When Buying a Mattress

1. Firmness

You want the best mattress that provides your unique body with the best support without pressure point. Ensure that your head, shoulders and pelvis are well supported without any undue pressure.

2. Material

You want a mattress that has been made with quality materials so it will be durable and provide you with comfort for many years. Check out the warranty of the mattress and be aware that some mattress warranties are void if there are any stains on the mattress.

3. Size

Make sure you buy the size that ensures you will be able to sleep in comfort but also fits properly in your bedroom.

Make sure that you read some mattress reviews and take the time to find the best mattress for your needs.

We spend a third of our life in bed so you want to make that time comfortable and enjoyable. The quality of your sleep affects the quality of your life so it is important to buy a good mattress.

Make sure you try the mattress out and are happy with it. There are some retailers and manufacturers that will give you a trial period and you can return it if you are not happy with the mattress.

4. Futon Mattress

A futon mattress and the many futon covers can be a stylish addition to any room. A Futon and futon mattress is a very versatile piece of furniture.

You get the affordable convenience of a bed with a comfortable futon mattress that converts to a sofa in one piece.

Not only can they be very stylish with the different futon covers but are easy to use. In no time at all with little effort your couch can be changed into a bed. Futons consist of three pieces which are futon mattresses, the frame and Futon covers.

The frames come in a variety of materials so you are sure to find one that suits your dé cor.

You want to ensure that it is a good quality frame that will stand up to being opened and closed. The most important part to take a look at is the futon mattress as this is what provides your comfort.

There are different types of futon mattresses depending on the type of frame that you have.

A bi-fold frame is the most popular as it gives you more seating area. Futon mattresses can be thicker with a bi-fold frame versus a tri-fold.

There are three terms used to describe futon mattresses. Firmness is used to describe how the mattress feels and its resistance to pressure when used for sitting or sleeping.

Rigidity refers to how well the mattress maintains its square edge and will determine how well futon covers fit.

A cover will sag or bunch less the more rigid a mattress is. Flexibility is a measurement of how easily futon mattresses fold sometimes the thicker ones are cut along the fold to make folding easier.

Futon mattresses are made from a variety of materials and which type is best for you will depend on your needs.

The most traditional mattress is the cotton which contains a cotton or polyester filling using a layering method. These mattresses keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter due to how well the cotton breathes also they are very flexible.

Another type of futon mattresses have innerspring like a traditional bed which minimizes motion transfer and noise.

This type of mattress is best for units that do not fold more that once and are frequently being slept on.

Memory and Latex foam mattresses are made of layers of medium to high density foam. These shape to your body and respond to your bodies movement.

Whatever type you decide on futon covers will help protect your mattress.

A futon bed is a great solution for many situations such as a dorm room, an office so it can be made into a guest room or any other place where a full size bed just doesn’ t work. They are an affordable solution for many people that are just starting out.

There are many stylish futon covers that you are sure to find one that suits your taste. Shop around and make sure of all the futon mattresses you get the one that meets your needs.

Benefits of Futon Mattresses

Futon mattress protects your mattress from stains and accidental spills.

A futon mattress pad is a good investment to protect your futon mattress and also adds additional comfort.

The pad serves as protection against stains and spills protecting your mattress form moisture and dust. It can save you from the chore of having to wash your mattress whereas the pad is far easier to wash.

In the winter a futon mattress pad can help keep you warmer and add extra comfort for a great sleep.

They can help extend the life of your mattress by keeping material that can degrade it away. Whether the futon is being used as a couch or bed you’ ll want to protect the mattress with a pad from stains.

A futon mattress pad is easily washable just check the care instructions. Keep damp towels and clothing away from your futon as it can seep into the pad and the bed.

Pads are inexpensive in comparison to a new mattress and well worth the cost. They may help you keep your mattress longer and protect it from unwanted spills.

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5. Memory Foam Mattress

A memory foam mattress or memory foam mattress topper is a luxurious sleep experience for many consumers

The memory foam mattress has become one of the most popular mattresses on the market today.

This is due to the fact that the memory foam mattress is made out of visco-elastic foam which allows your bed to mold to your body eliminating pressure points allowing a great nights sleep.

By eliminating the pressure points no longer do you have a restless sleep, numbness and poor circulation due to the pressure points.

Your body is still supported by memory foam mattresses ensuring your vertebrae is aligned properly reducing back pain.

Visco-elastic foam was developed by NASA to reduce pressures points caused by G-forces during lift off for the astronauts. The memory foam mattress was then used in hospitals to relieve bed sores.

Tempur-Pedic was the first company to realize the potential of memory foam mattresses and memory foam mattress topper for the consumer market.

When you lie on a good memory foam mattress all the air is pushed out of the cells and there is none left to push back against you like regular foam mattresses which causes discomfort.

Benefits of Memory Foam Mattresses

  • Comfortable for every sleep position

Memory foam allows you to get comfortable whether you like sleeping on your back, stomach or side as it molds and supports your body in every position.

It also gives you the best support for your body by responding to your body temperature and weight.

  • Absorbs motion

The memory foam absorbs motion allowing your sleep not to be disturbed when your partner moves.

  • Proper spine alignment

Memory foam mattresses support the body allowing the spine to be in a natural alignment. Tossing and turning is eliminate by reducing pressure points.

  • Hypo-allergenic

A memory foam mattress topper and mattresses are excellent for allergy suffers.

  • Dust mite resistant

One of the great advantages of memory foam mattresses and toppers is that they do not provide a good environment for dust mites to survive in. Dust mites are a leading cause of allergies and respiratory problems.

  • Easy Maintenance

Less strain on you as memory foam mattresses do no require flipping.

  • Increased health due to a better sleep

Being cradled in a memory foam mattress topper or mattress can give you a more restful sleep. This leaves you feeling less tired, irritable, less back pain so that you’ re ready to enjoy your day. A great sleep is a key ingredient to good health!

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When to Buy a Memory Foam Mattress Topper

A Memory foam topper is a great solution for a mattress that is overly firm but still in good shape that you want more comfort. If your bed is too soft or unsupportive the topper will not fix this, it’ s time for a new bed.

Remember that the topper is only as good as the foundation that is supporting it and will not fix a bad mattress with dips in it.

A memory foam mattress topper is great for a mattress that is fairly comfortable but you have some aches or pains and are just not getting the good night sleep you need. Many consumers have found a 2 inch topper with a 4 lb density to be just the right comfort.

What to Look for in Memory Foam Mattresses

When shopping for memory foam products there are two main considerations to look at which are the thickness and density.

Memory foam comes in densities ranging from 2lbs to 5 lbs the higher the density the more expensive the foam. The thicknesses of the memory foam range from 1 inch to 5 inches.

The 3lb and 4lb density have a faster recovery response when you change positions and the 5 lb the slowest making some people feel like they’ re being sucked into the bed.

The 3lb density is little firmer due to the faster recovery time and 41b is slightly softer. Most people prefer the 4 lb density and a 2-3 inch thickness.

Beware of low quality cut rate foams that are made of cheap ingredients. This inexpensive memory foam does not last or give the same comfort.

The number of manufactures of memory foam has increased which has brought the price down but has brought low quality manufacturers in to the market.

Stay away form cheap memory foam that comes out of China that is only a density of 2lb. It has a slow recovery time and does not conform to your body.

So be careful of manufacturers that make memory foam mattresses outside the US as cheap foam can come from China.

Buying Memory Foam Mattresses

Many large department stores and bed stores sell memory foam products. You will be able to actually check out how it feels for your specific body.

Online stores are a good place to also research memory foam mattresses and often carry a broader range of brands.

You can also often get a better price due to their lower overhead. Many retailers will offer a trial period with your mattress that you can return it if you don’ t like it. This is a good idea because a few minutes at a store is a whole lot different than a night.

Make sure you buy a well known brand that suits your needs in your price range. You spend a third of your life in bed so make it a luxurious experience!

6. Serta Mattress

The Serta mattress gives the comfort you need for vitality in all mattress sizes. A Serta Mattress is a quality product made by the Serta company that claims ” We Make the World’ s best mattress”.

Many consumers would agree with that statement as Serta has maintained the industry’ s lowest return rate showing that consumers are satisfied with their Serta mattress.

Serta has grown faster than any other bedding manufacturer in the last 12 years and is dedicated to making the finest sleep products available.

You may have already slept on a Serta Mattress as serta mattresses are used by many major hotels and motels around the world.

Serta provides many mattress sizes to well known hotels such as Hilton, Marriott, Westin, Holiday Inns, MGM Grand Hotel, Bellagio and many more prestigious hotels. The Serta mattress was chosen by these hotels for its value, durability and comfort for their valued customers.

Serta recognizes that a good sleep is a key component to good health. It is important process that restores our physical and mental health.

Sleeping on Serta mattresses gives you the restorative sleep to give you the energy and vitality to enjoy the day. Serta can provide you with the right mattress sizes and mattress to get a good nights sleep.

Benefits of Serta Mattress

Their best-selling premium brand mattress in the US is the Serta Perfect Sleeper which has the following great features:

  • FireBlocker

Safety for your family a blend of fiber slows the spread of an open flame in Serta mattresses

  • Advanced comfort quilt

All mattress sizes has a unique quilt layer that cushions every part of the body for a more comfortable sleep.

  • Continuous support Innerspring

The entire length of the body is supported by rows of continuous coil which provide natural spine alignment.

  • Foam encasement

Provides strength and eliminates edge roll-off on all mattress sizes

  • StabL-base double beam foundation

Provides consistent support and lasting durability. This also isolates the movement of a person so the other’ s sleep is not disturbed by movement.

  • 5 zoned comfort cushions

The roll together caused by traditional foam block mattresses is eliminated as each cushion functions independently.

Serta has been quick to realize that traditional mattresses are not for everyone and many people benefit from foam memory mattresses.

Serta’ s luxury response molds to your body reducing pressure points and giving the perfect support to ensure a good sleep. These serta mattresses are available in Visco Foam or Latex Foam.

Serta has a Smart Fabric technology that reduces temperature swings that would disturb your sleep.

Their latex foam is naturally anti-microbial and hypo-allergenic making it great for people with allergies. Serta foam memory mattresses tend to be less expensive than the competition.

If price is not a consideration then you might want to consider Serta’ s top of the line mattress the Perfect Day. Every feature has been crafted down to the greatest detail so your day will be filled with vitality.

The Serta mattresses collaborated in conjunction with designer Vera Wang is known as the Vera Wang Collection which provides maximum comfort and timeless elegance.

Whatever your budget or mattress sizes that you need you can rest assured that you will get a quality product from the Serta company. Their commitment to quality, innovation and service makes it a great choice!

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7. Tempurpedic Mattress

A Tempurpedic mattress can relieve your aching joints to give you an excellent nights sleep

If you are wanting luxurious comfort and an excellent nights sleep then you might want to take a look at a Tempurpedic mattress.

Unlike a traditional bed made of rows of springs that are covered Tempurpedic mattresses are made of foam that cradles your body for the utmost in comfort relieving aching joints and painful backs.

The Tempurpedic mattress is made out of Tempur which is not just any foam. It is the only material recognized by NASA and inducted in its Hall of Fame. It was first developed by NASA to relieve the pressure of G-forces that astronauts experienced during lift-off.

A Swedish company Fagerdala World Foams invested time and money to created the new advanced foam Tempur that is used in Tempurpedic mattresses.

The Tempur pedic mattress was first used in hospitals and institutions to help in the prevention and healing of bed sores.

Patients experienced a huge improvement in pressure relief, comfort and quality of sleep which lead to Tempurpdeic mattresses hitting the retail market. This allowed millions of consumers to experience the Tempur pedic mattress benefits.

Benefits of Tempurpedic Mattresses

  • Relieves pressure points

Nightly tossing and turning is caused by pressure points that cause pain that make you frequently adjust your position while sleeping.

Tempur foam eliminates this by supporting and distributing your body weight evenly across the Tempur pedic mattress. Pain is prevented and lessens the need to toss and turn.

  • Absorbs motion

Motions from your partner are absorbed so that your sleep is not disturbed. Gives you your own unique sleep surface as it conforms to all body sizes.

  • No flipping

The tempur pedic mattress never needs to be turned.

  • Resistant to dust mites and hypo allergenic

The mattress cover is naturally treated to resist dust mites and household allergens. Cover has zippers on all four sides so it is easy to remove and wash.

  • Improved circulation

Tempur senses your body temperature and displaces your weight evenly over the mattress which allows your blood freer movement.

  • Natural spine alignment

Offers the right support to provide good spinal alignment.

Over 30,000 medical professionals the world over have recommended Tempurpedic mattresses and products.

Eight years of clinical and in-home study of 23,000 patients by the Institution for Clinical and Physiological Research at the Lillhagen Hospital in Gothenburg, Sweden noted that the patients sleep was greatly enhanced and deeper also they suffered less pain.

The Tempur pedic mattress has clinically proven to reduce tossing and turning from 100 to just 17 times a night.

Tempurpedic mattresses were the first on the market and independent reviews have rated them as excellent.

Tempurpedic is a leader in the market and due to their success other mattress companies soon woke up and introduced their own memory foam mattresses.

A Tempur pedic mattress is the highest quality foam mattress and a name brand you can trust backed by their excellent warranty.

Check out various retailers and get an in-home trial of their mattress so you can be sure it suits your needs because they don’ t come cheap.

They are a good investment as you spend nearly one-third of your life in bed so it might as well be luxurious!

8. Latex Mattress

A latex mattress combines comfort and durability naturally. The latex mattress is becoming the new darling of the mattress world.

Latex mattresses are all the rage in Europe and that popularity is starting to trickle over to North America.

These mattresses have been around for decades but are experiencing a resurgence in popularity perhaps due to more consumers seeking natural products.

Latex is a great alternative for consumers looking for a natural alternative to memory foam. These mattresses are made out of latex which is made from the sap of rubber trees.

Construction of a latex mattress consists of the base layer which is called the core and is generally 5-6 inches thick. This layer provides the support for the mattress and is made of either dense latex (higher end) or polyurethane foam.

The next layers are the comfort layers which provide the beds comfort and can be made out of a softer latex or memory foam depending on the manufacturer.

Latex mattresses are made to feel softer by having holes spread out in the mattress which are called pincore holes.

The bigger the size of these holes the softer the latex will feel. The pincore holes can be spaced differently in certain parts of the mattress in order to provide the right support for different parts of the body.

There are a variety of latex mattresses available on the market such as natural latex mattress which is made of all natural latex and are the most costly.

Synthetic latex is made out of petroleum-based products and is thought to have a firmer feel and be more resilient. The pure latex manufacturers say there product is just as durable.

Some mattresses are made of a combination of natural and synthetic latex which claim to capture the best of both products. Each manufacturer touts their product as being better but I think the combination end up being less costly.

If you want an all natural product then make sure your mattress is made of pure latex as some put fillers such as clay in the foam to cut down costs.

There are also two methods used in order to produce latex and as to which is best is largely a personal opinion.

The Dunlop method which has been used for over 75 years produces a firmer and heavier latex. In this method the latex is whipped with air into a wet foam.

This wet foam is then poured into a mold then hardened and vulcanized. With the Talalay method the difference is that there is space left in the mold then the mold is sealed.
The air in the mold is then vacuumed allowing the foam to expand. This expansion is kept by freezing the mold and vulcanizing it. This process makes the latex softer and less dense.

The reason many consumers are checking out a latex mattress is the great support and durability that they provide. Latex mattresses can last more than thirty years and most have at least a twenty year warranty.

Latex instantly responds to body shape and support your spines natural curve. With latex there is excellent air circulation so there are not the complaints of over- heating.

It also relief’ s pressure points on your body but you will not have trouble changing positions as some people have found with memory foam.

Latex is highly resistant to dust mites, anti- microbial and hypoallergenic. Consumers also like that it is not heat sensitive so performs well no matter what the room temperature is.

Since there are no springs there is no motion transfer if your partner is having a restless sleep. For a natural mattress that provides comfort and durability be sure to check out a latex mattress.

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9. What is the True King Size Mattress Dimensions?

With all the different names of kings out there what are the true king size mattress dimensions? A standard king size mattress is 76 inches wide by 80 inches long (76” x80” ).
This makes a king a great choice for people that really enjoy their own personal sleeping space. Also is a good size for young families when they have a nighttime visitor who has had a bad dream.

A king size ends up giving you the same sleeping space as sleeping in a twin on your own and is 16” wider than a queen.

There is also a mattress called the California king and sometimes it is called the western king. The California king size mattress dimensions are 72” wide by 84” long (72” x84” ).

This gives you 4 more inches in length than a standard king which is great for people that are tall but it is 4 inches narrower. An Eastern king is 78 inches wide by 80 long giving you 2 more inches in width.

King size mattress dimensions do give you more sleeping room but you will have to determine if the extra cost is worth it to you.

Take into consideration that bedding for this size is more expensive but if that is the way you’ ll sleep better then it would be worth it.

Another consideration on which size mattress is best is to take into consideration the size of the room.

The box spring usually comes in two pieces and the mattress is one piece. The mattress can be awkward to move so you need to ensure that there is access to the room it will be in.

10. What is the True Qeen Size Mattress Dimensions?

The standard queen size mattress dimension is 60 inches wide by 80 inches long. It might surprise you to learn that when you are sharing this bed with someone else that you actually have 9 inches less width than when sleeping alone in a twin bed even though they are 21 inches wider and 5 inches longer.

When taking a look at a queen size mattress dimension it does give you more room than a double or full. It may shock people to learn that when two people are sharing a double they have the equivalent room for sleeping as a crib mattress.

For many people that would not allow them to sleep like a baby for the long term. A queen size will give you an extra 6 inches in width and 5 inches in length than a full.

A queen size mattress dimension may be what you need for master bedrooms that are small or guest rooms. As most people do not like a bedroom that is all bed.

When considering a queen size mattress you need to take a look at your sleeping style. Do you like to sprawl out or do you like close contact with your partner.

A queen is a great choice for single sleepers that sleep spread eagled and couples that enjoy closeness.

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