Capricorn Love Relationship Compatibility and Best Matches

Capricorn Love Relationship Compatibility, Capricorn Soulmate And More | What Does The Future Has In Store For You | Get Your Call Of Destiny Now

Capricorn Love Relationship Compatibility

Capricorn Love Relationship Compatibility with others as per astrological zodiac sign. Learn here about the love relationship between one sign to another and about the signs “Most Compatible with Capricorn”. Find your matches and Capricorn soulmate by the rule of horoscope to make life beautiful.

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Capricorn Compatibility

Capricorn(from 22.12 to 19.01)
Motto“I can!”
StonesTurquoise, aquamarine, sapphire, topaz, onyx
Compatible SignsTaurus, Capricorn, Virgo
In-compatible SignsAries, Libra, Cancer
Happy Numbers8

Capricorn Love Relationship Compatibility

Capricorn Compatibility

Capricorn in Love

Capricorn’s are one of the most sorted people among all the zodiac signs. They are not conventionally romantic but manage to impress in their own peculiar ways. They prefer stability in a relationship and command respect from their partners.

They take time to express their feelings to their partner and gradually grow as an individual when in love with their partners. They do not demand too much attention or compliments but they need their fair share of acknowledgement of their efforts.

Capricorn Love Compatibility

When you read this article, you will come to know more about Love Compatibility of Capricorn. Know with Capricorn Best Compatibility, Capricorn Most Compatible Sign and less compatible.

Capricorn Most Compatible Sign: Capricorn is likely to be compatible with Virgo, Taurus and other Capricorns. Capricorns and Taurus both like to live lavishly and desire safety in all aspects. Virgo and Capricorn, both are particular in what they do and complement each other perfectly.

Capricorns may gel with other Capricorns. As they have similar traits, the overall relationship will be blissful but some hurdles may have to be overcome.

Capricorn is Less compatible with: Capricorns are least compatible with Gemini, Sagittarius and Leo. Gemini’s are spontaneous in nature against the stable nature of a Capricorn. Sagittarius is also a sign which is enthusiastic and outgoing against the homely nature of a Capricorn.

Capricorn’s prefer doing things in a particular way and do not like it if someone interferes in their ways of life which may not go down well with a Leo who likes to take control of their partner’s life.

Capricorn Love Traits

Know more about the love traits of Capricorn sign and Capricorn Best Match. The love characteristics have been divided into positives and negatives below. Read on.

Positive Love Traits of Capricorn: Capricorn’s are not the kind of people who will show their affection openly but loyalty is guaranteed when they commit to someone. They are very mature and protective towards their partners which help to deal with many problems that may arrive in a relationship.

Capricorn’s do not have the habit of cribbing over small things and handle situations wisely. When they create a bonding with someone, that person may be rest assured that a Capricorn will stand by them in all matters.

Negative Love Traits of Capricorn: Capricorn’s do not have lavish expectations and make very few strong connections with certain people. This is why they may become very possessive about their partners having a feeling of insecurity of losing them.

They may also act stubborn at times if they are not obeyed which may put off their partners. They may also get critical of their partners if they notice even the smallest bit happening against their perception.

Capricorn Relationship Compatibility

Capricorn Love Relationship Compatibility, Capricorn Soulmate, Capricorn Best Match And More!

Capricorn Best Match with Aries

Aries loves to be on his/her own while Capricorn is more dependent on a well charted plan. Aries is creative and self-reliant but Capricorn focuses on a stable path to follow.

Aries is easily bogged down and does not like to follow rules and the various norms of society, community, work, and so on, whereas Capricorn is at ease with a proper hierarchy and rules and regulations which keeps everything in order. In spite of the various differences, they can make a good pair as both have something to learn from each other which makes them compatible.

Man Capricorn with Woman Aries

Capricorn Compatibility with Capricorn Man and Aries Woman: Your solemnity will be further conspicuous when you stand next to the happy and radiant face of the Aries woman.

But don’t let yourself be misled about the ambitions of that woman, who wants to be the winner in everything she takes up, a highly praised virtue for any real Aries. Well, she doesn’t pursue her goals with the same perseverance as you do, but that’s what you are there for, aren’t you – to offer her support and to encourage her while she is racing along the walks of life, exhausted to the utmost.

About your physical relationships I will not be surprised if she is the one to take the upper hand in most cases. After all, there has to be at least one aspect of your relationship where she is the leader. Otherwise, the struggle for supremacy will kill both, and either one or the other, most likely the woman, will leave.

Woman Capricorn with Man Aries

Capricorn Compatibility with Capricorn Woman and Aries Man: Your bashfulness and thoroughness are even more conspicuous against the merry temper and frivolous manners of the Aries’ man.

By all probability exactly those qualities have attracted you to him, because for quite a long time you have been craving a true and hot love affair. It is possible that you have met him while performing your business duties. The initial attraction is not likely to keep you together for a long time and turn the relationship into marriage.

You are too serious and straightforward and you rarely take liberties, while such behavior is quite natural for the Aries’ man. The thing that has attracted you at first will be the thing to repel you later.

In terms of physical relationship, I will not be surprised if the Aries man is the one to take the lead in most cases. If you become a family you will often have arguments and fights for supremacy and you will have to learn to give way.

Capricorn Best Match with Taurus

Both have good common sense and are very practical people. Their approach to life is realistic and they relate well at an intellectual level. In the long run, they tend to focus on things that are mundane and do not matter much.

Sometimes they become so busy with things that are futile that they forget to have fun and enjoy the simple joys of life. They have a tendency to take life too seriously. Capricorn and Taurus make a good team. While Capricorn is organized and strategic, Taurus is able to follow up on a fixed plan properly and carefully.

Man Capricorn with Woman Taurus

Capricorn Compatibility with Capricorn Man and Taurus Woman: Hardly is there a more down-to-earth and stable union between a man and a woman!

Your soul is contented to the most and you feel like crying out in the central city square how much you are in love with the Taurus woman. Still, you are not going to do that, because you are a Capricorn and not any of the air signs of theirs.

The days of loneliness and disappointed expectations about your love life are over. Your plans are completely in accordance with those of the Taurus woman and that circumstance further brings grist to the mill of your smooth communion.

Now, you may safely start conquering the professional heights, because you can always count on the unreserved support of the Taurus woman. Your physical relationship life will be ok if you don’t waste all your energy in getting recognition at work.

Woman Capricorn with Man Taurus

Capricorn Compatibility with Capricorn Woman and Taurus Man: You feel you finally have found a man who will love and support you and this is something that counts in the alienated world we live in. It will be difficult for the Taurus to conquer your heart, because you don’t easily fall for superfluous talks and easy promises.

But when you find that his intensions are serious, you will devote yourself to him and you will do it in a way few women are capable of. The Taurus man will be able to rely on your loyalty, faithfulness and selflessness, and he will be grateful for the love you give him.

He is also a faithful partner, but if you caught him in adultery, I think you will be able to forgive but not to forget… The problems in marriage may arise from the fact that the Aries man would rather have his wife at home, while you have ambitions about your career that you want to realize.

In bed you match each other, because you are representatives of one and the same element – the earth, but you have to give him the lead in revealing the secrets of your physical relationship.

Capricorn Love Compatibility with Gemini

The two personalities are very different. While Capricorn’s approach towards life is methodical, planned and organized, Gemini is less patient and more flexible and moves on when the times are dry. Capricorn is reliable and dedicated and exercises perseverance to reach the upper echelons of success.

Gemini too reaches success but through a different route — Gemini is keener to use his/her communication skills and adaptability to reach the top. The different approaches to success may create disagreement and conflict at some point in the relationship.

Man Capricorn with Woman Gemini

Capricorn Compatibility with Capricorn Man and Gemini Woman: You can’t understand why this woman goes in for so many things at once instead of taking up only one and complete it.

Open the first guide in astrology that you come across and read the chapter on the Gemini sign and face the facts – she is versatile, communicative, superficial and unpredictable and you can’t change her temper.

Misunderstanding may be transferred into bed as well, where her behavior may seem to you too frivolous and that may lead you to think of her past instead of indulging into your emotions – something which has always been difficult to you.

Still, physical intimacy could be the factor to keep you together longer, because the way she makes love really satisfies you.

Woman Capricorn with Man Gemini

Capricorn Compatibility with Capricorn Woman and Gemini Man: Here is a man who refuses to grow up even at forty plus.

You, on the other hand, are endowed with an incredible gift – to become younger with each year. So, it is highly probable that you two will meet in your middle age, when your vibrations will be on the same wave length. Still, the Gemini man will find wisdom in you, something that will impress and respect him.

There are a lot of discrepancies in your characters, which could be overcome only by the power of a very strong love; otherwise you will be like two trains going in different directions.

Your relationship will not be over-passionate, but both of you will profit – he will reconsider his life and you will discover the funny side of life. This is something you will be forever grateful to him even if you are not together any more.

The physical harmony will not be achieved in the very beginning, but in the course of time you will reach higher peaks in your physical relationship.

Capricorn Love Compatibility with Cancer

Cancer, being very sensitive and emotionally caring in nature, takes care of the family and family members. While family and close friends are very important for Cancer, Capricorn might become emotionally detached at times.

Capricorn is more ambitious than cancer and thus exhibits a somewhat desiccated attitude towards family and close friends. If the two sun signs persist and really understand and reconcile the differences that they have, the relationship could work.

Man Capricorn with Woman Cancer

Capricorn Compatibility with Capricorn Man and Cancer Woman: Your aspiration to set up a home and family will transform your relationship with the Cancer woman into a successful marriage.

It is only on one condition which is up to your character and it is namely that marriage could turn too hard for her and she may not get used to your moodiness. When you overcome the incompatibilities of your characters, you will find that you complete each other perfectly.

Your material ambitions will meet the active support of the Cancer woman, who manages the money surprisingly well. There must be some kind of magic in the way money multiplies in her hands each day.

The secret is in the way the Cancer woman works in perfect harmony of intuition with the Moon phases (that’s why she starts all her ventures in the proper time!).

The physical relation experience of both of you is not that wide and that’s why you will unfold the secrets of Kama Sutra together.

Woman Capricorn with Man Cancer

Capricorn Compatibility with Capricorn Woman and Cancer Man: The Cancer is your opposite sign and that’s why you will have the feeling that the Cancer Man completes you perfectly and that he has exactly the qualities you are short of in order to feel thorough.

It doesn’t mean that everything between you is perfect and, no matter how strange it may sound, the things you have in common will antagonize you. For example, both of you want to be the captains of the family boat and the best solution in this case is to learn to work in shifts as the real captains. You have to remember one thing:

The Cancer is much more emotionally vulnerable than you and you will have to take into consideration his feelings and moods. On the other hand, he may teach you to express your emotions so that the others will not be forced to decipher what’s on your mind but will be able to see it clearly.

If you overcome the first conflicts, the probability to stay together forever is very strong. Your relationship looks very much like an acorn which if in a fertile soil strikes root and each year the tree grows up and branches out more and more.

In terms of physical relationship, things are similar – the beginning is difficult and the end result is impressive.

Capricorn Best Compatibility with Leo

Leo is enthusiastic and cheerful, while Capricorn is more of an introvert, reserved and down-to-earth. Capricorn is more conservative and loves to be with traditional ideas and beliefs while Leo is generous, warm and embraces change more readily.

This difference also reflects on their temperament: while Leo is expressive, affectionate and appreciative, Capricorn is quiet and cautious. In spite of the differences, both value fidelity and when they commit in a relationship, they never look back.

Man Capricorn with Woman Leo

Capricorn Compatibility with Capricorn Man and Leo Woman: You may have been in love with her for quite a long time but still may not find the guts to meet the Lioness (or reveal your feelings).

In order to conquer that woman, you have to climb to the top of the social and career ladder and only then will she notice you. It is well known that nothing else but power and money gives a man so much strength and self-confidence. Now, you can face her and ask for her hand.

And she will say “yes” to the utmost surprise of all, who think they know her well. From then on you will have to swallow her vanity and pride, and she – your reserve and the fact you are a workaholic.

These are the conditions for a longer lasting marriage. In the intimate sphere, however, you don’t have to compromise – instead you will give in to wild and passionate job.

Woman Capricorn with Man Leo

Capricorn Compatibility with Capricorn Woman and Leo Man: What happens when the merry and playful nature of a Leo confronts the reserved coldness of the Capricorn?

I have never had the chance to observe such a conflict because the possibility for it to take place is 1:10 000, but still I could give my opinion on the matter. Simply in your astrological maps there are other factors (the Moon, the ascendant, Venus), which make your union possible.

Nevertheless, the careless temper of the Leo and his fiery nature will inevitably revolt against your strength of character and inflexibility of decision.

You love him the way he is, and are more prone to put up with his pride and vanity, but he has to love you deeply in order to devote his life to you.

In physical relationship, you are more conservative than him, but the way he makes love will appeal to you.

Capricorn Love Compatibility with Virgo

Both Capricorn and Virgo are trustworthy, practical, realistic, mature and well-grounded. While Capricorn wants to follow a well charted plan and is organized and practical in his approach, Virgo largely relies on his/her instincts, skills and talents.

The two sun signs work well as a team, as they are able to reconcile their differences easily and work towards a happy and successful relationship. However, their most intimate relationships might not be very strong and eventually they might get bored.

Man Capricorn with Woman Virgo

Capricorn Compatibility with Capricorn Man and Virgo Woman: You will barely calm down before getting married to that girl.

You have the feeling that if you don’t hurry up someone else may steal her heart from under your very nose and that will mean the end of the dreams of a faithful and pure partner with which to share the rest of your life.

Don’t be afraid. She will also appreciate the sense of security that you emanate. She will quickly estimate your chances of success as very strong and will put an end of her maiden existence.

However, you will hardly afford to go on a romantic trip during your honeymoon. Both of you have so many engagements that it will be rather imprudent to leave them behind only in order to indulge into physical delights in a hotel room. You could perform these activities equally well at home.

When you drop the inhibitions in your physical relation, you will understand what the saying “appetite comes with eating” mean and will secretly dream of a second honeymoon somewhere on the Bahamas.

Woman Capricorn with Man Virgo

Capricorn Compatibility with Capricorn Woman and Virgo Man: Your relationship is based on logic and common sense, faithfulness and deep reciprocity.

I can thin k of another name for that – the wise love. What your relationship lacks is surprise and spontaneity, but “who cares about it” (a thought of the Virgo man: -)? Do you think in the same way? I am not so sure, although you would hardly voice out your discontent of the status quo.

Material success is important for both of you, so you will support and encourage each other in achieving your goals. It is hard for you to express your feelings in words so you will both give the most of yourselves in bed.

With time your physical harmony will increase but passion will decrease, unless you have a strong influence from the fire or water signs in your astrological map.

Capricorn Love Match with Libra

There are many similarities between the two sun signs. Both are sensitive towards the emotional needs of others. Both are thoughtful and considerate and can therefore establish good relationships with people.

Living in peace and harmony is a necessity for both of you, and will do everything needed in order to avoid conflict and disagreement of any kind. Libra is rational and objective while Capricorn is emotional and subjective.

When problems arise, Libra approaches them with intellect and calm temperament, but Capricorn becomes emotional. The differences might create some misunderstandings but they still make a nice pair.

Man Capricorn with Woman Libra

Capricorn Compatibility with Capricorn Man and Libra Woman: After your first date with the Libra woman you have probably understood what is to “have butterflies in your stomach”.

Probably, you have also thought “I’m such a fool to hope that it may work out between us.” Still, it has worked out. You know that love is blind and whoever tries to see the reason behind it most probably has never been in love.

But since you are willing to get intoxicated with sweet love, you have to be equally prepared to drink the cup of bitterness to the dregs.

However, before that you will have to taste the forbidden fruit in order to tell good from evil, beautiful from ugly, truth from lie. This legacy will be forever yours even if your relationship is soon over.

In physical relationship, you will have some difficulties due to your emotional deficiency, but the frailty of the Libra woman will provoke in you fits of tenderness which will refine your nature of Saturn.

Woman Capricorn with Man Libra

Capricorn Compatibility with Capricorn Woman and Libra Man: He will approach you as if you were a fortress, that has to be taken over, but instead of weapons he will use a smile and a bunch of flowers.

This approach will open the door to your heart, but just in half, because apart from romantics you look for many other qualities in a man such as loyalty, support and understanding… Not that he doesn’t have them, but he will hardly have the patience to stay with you and prove his love again and again.

The representatives of the Libra sign are ready to do everything in the name of love and he could decide to propose you a marriage in order to completely conquer your heart.

In terms of physical relationship, he is far more experienced than you, but I don’t think you will see it as a problem, because wantonness is hardly a virtue for a woman to be proud of.

Capricorn Love Compatibility with Scorpio

The two sun signs do not readily open up and reveal their feelings. They need time to express their emotions and do not like to have casual relationships. They keep their reserve and open up only when they are completely comfortable with each other.

Capricorn is more objective and rational than Scorpio. Scorpio is passionate as a lover. Capricorn is unable to show the depth of emotions like Scorpio. The relationship between them is not very lively but more of a serious nature.

Man Capricorn with Woman Scorpio

Capricorn Compatibility with Capricorn Man and Scorpio Woman: Only after your acquaintance with the Scorpio woman you have learnt the various meanings of the word “physical relation”.

But as they say “better late than never” (wasn’t that your favorite proverb?). Soon after the date with her you were dizzy and have lost the right sense of direction. Fortunately, your sober mind will quickly get the upper hand over the emotions provoked by your love towards her.

There are several problems in the relationship with the beloved Scorpio with which you will have to put up with.

Firstly – to give up all your hopes to control her and to bring her into line.

Secondly – to put up with her ability to anticipate your moves and always be of an advantage (as the chess term has it). If you want to benefit from that virtue of hers, you will have to trust in the sixth sense of your beloved when it is about business matters.

Woman Capricorn with Man Scorpio

Capricorn Compatibility with Capricorn Woman and Scorpio Man: Even though you don’t admit it even to yourself, you have devoted your heart to that man forever.

I said “forever” and I could hardly make a mistake with that statement. You will understand his gloomy moods better than any other woman, and you will not ask irrelevant questions in order to reveal his secrets.

You will arm yourself with patience and will wait for the Scorpio man to reveal his soul and feelings to you, even if you are bound to wait years on end until that moment come s.

He loves you in his unique way and you know it, no matter what his attitude to you shows. One of the factors that bind you so powerfully is the physical intimacy between you and the fantastic way, in which the Scorpio man anticipates exactly what you need in order to reach the ultimate pleasure in physical relation.

Capricorn Love Compatibility with Sagittarius

Capricorn is a realist while Sagittarius is an optimist—which might lead to problems in case of this pair. While Sagittarius is optimistic about life and has a general positive attitude, Capricorn is more practical and sees the feasibility of any idea or belief.

While Sagittarius would be interested in entertainment, travelling and socializing, Capricorn would want to take care of responsibilities which would be a priority for him/her.

Sagittarius would come across as irresponsible, immature and insensitive and Capricorn would come across as dull, boring and a spoilsport in this relationship.

Nevertheless, a mutual understanding and acceptance of the differences could make a nice pair of the two as both would complement each other’s traits.

Man Capricorn with Woman Sagittarius

Capricorn Compatibility with Capricorn Man and Sagittarius Woman: Many astrologists would define such a relationship as impossible and still it is a fact in defiance to all prophets.

Your emotional reserve has been warmed up by the radiance of the Sagittarius woman and one of her arrows has managed to slightly injure your heart and just for a moment you have turned into a careless lad. But it will hardly last for long – note that I said “slightly injured” your heart and not “pierced through”.

The seriousness of the wound depends on the physical compatibility between you. The greater the compatibility, the more your heart will ache when you separate. But you can be of a mutual benefit if you manage to acquire at least one of the positive features of your partner.

For the Capricorn it is the generosity of the Sagittarius; for the latter it is the prudence of the Capricorn. If you succeed in it, it is highly probable that you will stay together much longer than I suggested.

Woman Capricorn with Man Sagittarius

Capricorn Compatibility with Capricorn Woman and Sagittarius Man: If you have met in a mountain hut where you were cracking jokes and the Capricorn woman was laughing her head off, I could easily account for the fact that you are together.

Because the gap between you is so large that you really need alpine equipment to surmount it. You are a sober realist with clear goals; you know what you want from life and how to get it.

The Sagittarius man is an incurable optimist with plenty of plans ahead, but with a few actual ideas how to carry them out. He believes that everything will happen according to God’s providence, so whatever happens is all to the good.

Have you noticed the difference? But still, deep inside you there hides the desire to get to know the world unless it messes up with your plans or career.

You will believe in his love oaths and it is possible that you will even marry him if he is twenty-nine years old, an age when men usually get wiser J. You will hardly achieve perfect physical harmony, but your intimate moments will be full of tenderness and passion.

Capricorn Love Compatibility with Capricorn

Belonging to the same sun sign, undoubtedly both will have similar qualities. Both are practical and rational, and love to work their way up to success. They both appreciate qualities of maturity and responsibility which both have and thus make a very good team.

But since both are not very sentimental and the relationship is somewhat emotionally detached, they might become bored often. Sometimes things that do not matter much may become issues of major concern for them. And so, they must engage in childish enjoyments and laughter occasionally.

Man Capricorn with Woman Capricorn

Capricorn Compatibility with Capricorn Man and Capricorn Woman: Everything in your relationship is so real and beautiful that your mind can’t believe it’s true.

Just in the moment when you have gone through one of your many disappointments in love, you come across the Capricorn woman. At first, you will find her no different from the other women – frivolous and foolish, but soon you will find out that you have been misled.

The Capricorn woman is patient and will wait until you get into a more romantic mood and decide to offer her to marry you. She is monogamous in nature and is able to give her heart only once and you are really lucky if that man is you.

The common arrangements and responsibilities as well as the mutual affection will turn your relationship into a calm oasis in the middle of the technocratic desert of 21st century.

Your harmony will be transplanted into bed where the suppressed physical energy will give vent to a stream of passion.

Woman Capricorn with Man Capricorn

Capricorn Compatibility with Capricorn Woman and Capricorn Man: Everything in your relationship is so real and beautiful that you can’t believe it’s true.

Just in the moment when you had got over one of your many disappointments in love, you came across the Capricorn man. At first, you will find him no different from the other men – self-confident and irresponsible, but you soon will find out how much you have been misled.

You are patient and will wait until he becomes sure in his and your feelings and proposes your marriage. He is monogamous by nature and is able to give his heart only once and you are really lucky if that woman is you.

The common duties and responsibilities as well as the mutual affection will turn your relationship into a calm oasis in the middle of the technocratic desert of 21st century.

Your harmony will be gradually transplanted into bed where the restrained emotions and the suppressed for a long-time physical energy will give vent to a stream of passion.

Capricorn Love Compatibility with Aquarius

Given their common interest to spend time and pay attention to their work and career, Aquarius and Capricorn are compatible as a pair.

Capricorn is practical, reliable and persistent, while Aquarius is aware of the latest trends and is capable of seeing things from a broader perspective. This quality however might stand in the way of the relationship—both might pay too much attention to everything accept themselves as a couple. They have a tendency to become distant from one another.

Man Capricorn with Woman Aquarius

Capricorn Compatibility with Capricorn Man and Aquarius Woman: The fall of the Berlin wall (which took place when Uranium the planet governing the Aquarius, was passing the sign of the Capricorn) is an appropriate symbol to describe your relationship.

Get ready to part with all your traditional concepts of love, friendship and physical relationship. You are only expected to answer the challenges, which the Aquarius woman will present to you daily in order to make you the man worth sharing her life with.

Despite all your reserve, deep inside of you there still lives a child, who strives so much to go out and get into mischief. With age this impulse will become stronger and the meeting with the Aquarius will accelerate this process.

I can’t promise you that you will not argue for hundreds of things, but both of you look in the same direction – the future; you – years ahead, she – a whole millennium.

Woman Capricorn with Man Aquarius

Capricorn Compatibility with Capricorn Woman and Aquarius Man: You positively find him weird, but you have to know that he loves you dearly if he happens to be your partner right now.

You are probably the only woman, who could overcome all the blunders of the Aquarius and still stay with him not only in physical terms. And he will indeed perform a real spectacle to you, which “no eye has seen nor ear has heard”.

You will survive all his eccentricity, his crazy (according to you) friends, his occult aberrations and even his posture of Mr. Know-All.

In terms of physical relationship, he will take the lead, but you will quietly follow him while he leads you to the top. If you are married to him, however, you will never forgive him if he fails professionally.

Still, even then you will stay with him, and you yourself will get down to work in order to provide for the family. In this case, however, he will lose your respect.

Capricorn Love Compatibility with Pisces

Capricorn and Pisces are very different from each other. While Capricorn is practical and realistic, Pisces is imaginative and emotional. Pisces is more aware of the emotional needs of close ones than Capricorn. Capricorn is rational by nature and does not rely on subjectivity, but Pisces is empathetic and compassionate.

Also, while Capricorn is organized, Pisces is not and lives in an atmosphere of chaos. If they accept the differences, they might make a nice couple.

Man Capricorn with Woman Pisces

Capricorn Compatibility with Capricorn Man and Pisces Woman: You have to be grateful to Destiny that you have met this wonderful girl, a representative of the mysterious sign Pisces.

May be the word “mysterious” still means nothing to you, but I will account for it with the fact that you have met recently and still haven’t been confronted by the supernatural gifts of that woman.

Such a gift is, for example, the ability to guess what has happened to you in the office and to cook exactly the meal you have been dreaming of during the day.

The intimate aspect of your relationship will be deep and gratifying, accompanied by intensive physical intimacy and quiet joy.

The Pisces woman needs a man like you who can give her support and a shelter in the rough waters of the material existence. The troubles between you are due to your incapability to understand her moods and her philosophical disposition.

Woman Capricorn with Man Pisces

Capricorn Compatibility with Capricorn Woman and Pisces Man: Although water and earth are similar elements, your temperaments don’t have much in common.

Still, any earthly Capricorn woman dreams of a romantic love story with a gallant gentleman. So, when the Pisces man enters your life, you will decide that your romantic dream has come true and will clutch at him as if a drowning man clutches at a straw.

You really need someone to show you how to swim in the ocean of emotions, because no matter how secure you feel on dry land, when you face love anxieties and aches, you lose your self-confidence.

If the Pisces man also loves you and needs your presence and love, it’s better to stay with him. In order to have reciprocity in physical relationship both of you should overcome your innate inhibitions. With that condition applied, you may expect that your intimate relations will get more than well.

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