Top 6 Best Baseball Gloves Under $100 2023

Many professional baseball players and coaches say that some of the best and most brilliant catches come from using the best baseball gloves.

Thus, the baseball glove is a vital part of any baseball player and comes in different sizes and types depending on the position of the playing fields in the game.

Experienced professionals always use the best baseball gloves from manufacturers such as Rawlings, Mizuno, Wilson, Easton or Franklin.

Wearing a glove will help you easily stop or catch a flying ball at around 90-100 mph with one hand.

Since most gloves are made from premium leather with additional webbing, today’s gloves are much more comfortable and safer than the gloves used 30 years ago.

In addition, these gloves require less downtime than older gloves.

6 Best Baseball Gloves Under $100 2023

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Whatever the position you play, buying cheap baseball gloves of good quality and comfort for the wearer is always very important to enjoy the game as well as play it in the best possible way.

Although the game was originally played with bare hands, the use of gloves increases the efficiency of the players, thereby increasing the team’s overall performance.

For this reason, there are currently many baseball glove brands on the market that offer a wide variety of baseball gloves that will best suit the needs of the wearer.

You can buy them at your local store or visit a reputable online store to buy a pair for yourself or your loved ones who are game enthusiasts.

These brands ensure that you get quality products at a very affordable price. To help you get the most out of the market, we bring you some of the very best products. Here is a list of Top 6 Best Baseball Gloves Under $100 2023:

Rawlings Renegade Glove Series Baseball Glove

1. Rawlings Renegade Glove Series Baseball Glove

The Rawlings Renegade Glove Series Baseball Glove is a basketball glove available for both right and left handers.

These gloves have been designed for adults. Since the gloves are made of natural oiled leather and are decorated with rawhide laces, the gloves are very soft, so it is very easy to break them in.

These Rawlings gloves are most preferred by outfielders and pitchers as opening and closing the glove is easy because the glove has deep pockets and basketball style shoulder straps.

The exclusive Zero Shock Palm Pad absorbs all the impact when hit hard. Velcro wrist adjustment allows for easy adjustment in no time.


  • The gloves are usable for the adults not for the children.
  • Best suitable for the infielders.
  • The pam and web of the gloves are made up of Hide Premium Soft Leather.
  • H-Patter Web.
  • The glove is quite lightweight and with comfortable feel.
  • It consists of tanned Professional laces for the fit.
  • Extra wool padding for comfort feeling.


  • Innovative Zeroshock Palm Pad to absorb all shocks from the hand.
  • Easy Velcro Wrist Adjustments.
  • Deep Pockets and Basket Ball style Webbings.
  • High Quality pre-treated oiled Leather makes it easy to break in.


  • Even though Velcro adjustment is easy to tighten, it may wear out soon than the laced ones.

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Best Baseball Gloves 2023

2. Mizuno Prospect GXC112 Youth Catchers

The Mizuno Prospect GXC112 Youth Catchers is designed for ambitious young baseball players with deep pockets and an open back.

Also, these Prodigy series gloves are specially designed by the famous Gary Carter.

The Stress Wedge technology gives the gloves cushioning properties so players don’t feel itchy when they catch a big shot.

In addition, two finger hammocks are provided to keep the fingers inside the gloves secure and secure.

Double Flexhinge allows gloves to close automatically when they fit together. These gloves are available for right and left handers.


  • Center Pocket is designed naturally centers under the index finger so that the player can have the most versatile break-in whenever possible.
  • The technology of heel flex gives you more flexible heel for best feel and performance.
  • The palm liner of the glove has no match, it is with extraordinary feeling and with a soft finishing.
  • The strong edge lace design is used to create more stability in thumb and pinky.


  • Made of high quality US Steerhide leather.
  • Stress wedge technology to absorb shocks.
  • Double Flex hinge to snap closed automatically.


  • Takes some time to break in.

Wilson A500 Baseball Glove

3. Wilson A500 Baseball Glove

The Wilson A500 Baseball Gloves are made from Pro Stock brand leather for long life and durability.

In addition, the fingers of the gloves are covered with Dri-Lex technology, which constantly cools the hands.

The patterned Wilson A500 gloves are used by most MLB players as these gloves were developed after various consultations and discussions with MLB players.

Plus, these gloves are handcrafted by the finest glove makers in Wilson, so they’ll last you through the seasons.

So the next time you put on the Wilson A500, remember that most of the aspects come from some great players.


  • Best hand orientation this amazing glove is available for both hands throws.
  • Uses high-quality pure leather for this glove.
  • It has 12.5-inch size which makes the glove more suitable for adult and casual players.
  • The glove is designed is quite versatile in nature. Any player can adapt it anywhere in the field.
  • The globe has split hinge web which makes it best for all players. This pattern is also suitable for comfort feeling.
  • Last but not least this glove is Best Baseball Gloves Under 100 2023 due to its size, style, reliability, pocket size, web pattern and other factors make it suitable for the game.
  • The Wilson A500 is perfect in reliability, fitting, durability and indeed comfortable.


  • Made of High Quality Pro Stock Leather.
  • The Dual Welting feature where the back of the fingers are laced with a dual strip of leather for durability.
  • Exclusive designs and patterns.
  • With the unique Dri-Lex wrist lining, all the moisture is absorbed to keep the hand cool always.


  • Takes a while to break in.

Best Baseball Gloves Under $100 2023

4. Franklin Sports Baseball Fielding Glove

Franklin has been in the glove industry since many years, producing first-class gloves from the finest American hides. These gloves are light, tough and fit well on the hands.

Franklin fielding gloves are good for pitchers and players in the field. The break-in time is shorter compared to other gloves, as it takes hardly less than 2 weeks to break them and use a hammer.

It will also last a long time with proper care. These are some of the best gloves for catching anything, be it pop-ups, quick throws, or ground slams.

The Franklin Sports Baseball Fielding gloves feature a closed shoulder strap and an open back in a contemporary style.


  • It has the pattern o 11.5 Inches and more.
  • The glove is specially made for infield fielders.
  • The diversity exists in the color selection. You can choose either brown or orange.
  • Made up of the Diamond Pro Tanner Steer Hide Leather.
  • For exceptional comfort feeling there exists hand oiled leather palm lining.
  • The pattern is authentic professional.
  • I-Web.
  • Best-selling baseball gloves.


  • Made of High Quality Buckskin Cowhide and Sandstone.
  • Beautiful Brown tan adds more beauty to the glove.
  • Durable and long lasting.
  • Best for infield and pitching.


  • None.

Best Baseball Gloves Under 100 2023

5. Easton Future Elite Youth Baseball Glove

With over 30 years of experience in the glove industry, Easton has stood the test of time by supplying high performance and durable gloves for many years.

The Easton Future Elite Youth Baseball Glove is light and fits well in the hand. The unique Ideal Fit System, yet to be patented, provides the perfect fit and comfort for any type of hand.

Lockable Velcro adjustment allows players to put the glove on the wrist with ease.

An embroidered Easton logo adds glam to the gloves. Together with the VRS Palm pad, gloves always stay cool, as all moisture is quickly absorbed by the pad.


  • The glove is made up of soft and well-tanned leather.
  • Game ready glove from the moment you will put it on.
  • It consists of dynamic 2X finger welting which is best for finger articulation and pocket shape.
  • Left hand throw hand orientation.
  • 11 inches outfield pattern model.
  • E-Trap Web of the glove.
  • Open Back.


  • Unique Ideal Fit system for greater fit and comfort.
  • VRS Pal Pad to absorb moisture and keep your hand cool.
  • Soft Leather, ideal for kids.


  • Many complain about glove size smaller with gloves of same sizes from other brands.

Akadema Manny Ramirez Replica

6. Akadema Manny Ramirez Replica

Akadema Manny Ramirez is one of the leading manufacturers of baseball gloves and other sports equipment. This is one of the company’s most popular, grippy and baseball gloves.

around the world. The company leads the market thanks to innovative design, quality materials and professional commitment in the field of baseball gloves.

The focus on comfort, detail and quality has taken Akadema to the next level.

Keeping up with the trend, they released the Precision Series and the Manny Ramirez are some of the best baseball gloves for the pros. It’s made from Precision Kip leather, which is 20% lighter and denser than bovine leather.

This glove features a 11-inch H-Pattern and a bar, an open back and a big pocket of course. Glove skins are harvested in Europe and professionally tanned in Japan. The glove is best for the outfield and is easier to break and throw.

If we compare the tensile strength of a glove, then the Akadema Manny Ramirez glove has no equal.


  • The precision series is one of the best series of baseball gloves. Professional players adopted this glove.
  • It has 11 inches pattern.
  • The glove has smooth comfort feeling for any hand.
  • It has good hand orientation easily fixable in adults’ hand.
  • H-Web Pattern.
  • Deep pocket for firm scoop.
  • Open Back.


  • Material leather.
  • Left hand throw.
  • Adult age range.
  • Leather lining.
  • Fielding gloves.
  • Weight .75 pounds only.


  • Choose other for right hand user.

Difference between Youth Gloves & Adult Gloves

The main difference between youth and adult gloves is the hand opening as they are smaller to fit the smaller hands of younger people.

The youth gloves are designed for players aged 7 to 12 and these gloves are made of soft leather so that the children who use them can easily break in and fasten the gloves comfortably.

Also, adult gloves are made of high quality material while youth gloves are not made of premium material.

Youth models of gloves are specially made smaller so that children can better control the glove.

So it is better for children to resort to using only gloves suitable for their age and position, instead of buying an adult glove and end up affecting their ball game as it can often fall out of hand, annoying the player as well others.

It’s always better to buy the right size glove that fits your hand perfectly the first time to avoid future trouble.

How to Choose the Best Baseball Gloves 2023?

If you are looking for the best baseball gloves that will give you the best performance, there are a few things you should keep in mind before buying one.

(a) Glove Material

There are many factors that go into choosing the best baseball gloves for your specific needs, including your age, your position on the field, your budget, and other personal preferences such as amount of Synthetic leather, Oil-treated leather, and Premium leather.

While most baseball gloves are made from leather, there are several options available where you can choose from a variety of materials such as synthetic leather, oil treated leather, and premium leather.

  • Synthetic leather: These gloves are best suited for young baseball players, as these are simple, light weight, less expensive and requires no or lesser break in time.
  • Oil-treated leather: Players who need gloves that needs lesser break in time, but sturdier and harder gloves can opt for oil-treated leather gloves.
  • Premium leather: Premium leather gloves are made from high quality leather and requires a long break in time, and hence players buy these gloves well before their older gloves wears out, so that they have adequate break in time. They are also more expensive than other types of gloves.

(b) Glove Pocket

The size of the glove pocket is also an important consideration when choosing a glove, as gloves with deep pockets help fielders catch long balls easily, while gloves with shallower pockets allow fielders to take the ball out of the glove and throw it to the base quickly.

So the size of the pocket depends on the position you are playing in the game.

(c) Glove Quality

When choosing a baseball glove, the quality of the glove is much more important. High quality gloves combine all aspects such as high quality and heavy leather, improved design and shoulder straps.

Since these gloves have thick leather, it may take some time to break the glove. In addition, these high quality gloves do not have velcro adjustments, but do have a D-ring or lacing.

(d) Glove Padding

Players must also consider the amount of padding present in the glove and care should be taken to choose the size of the padding depending on the position on the field you are playing.

Typically Catchers gloves have more padding as they need to catch pitcher throws at 90 mph.

Also, if you happen to be playing first or third base, your gloves also need extra padding. Some players also opt for wrist pads when playing corner positions in the field.

(e) Glove Webs

The most common difference in webbing is open and closed webbing with gloves. The closed webbing is mainly suitable for catchers and pitchers.

  • Closed Web.
  • Two Piece Closed Web.
  • Single Post Web.
  • Dual Post Web.
  • Trapeze Web.
  • Modified Trapeze Web.
  • Basket Web and.
  • I Web leo.

(f) Choosing the Size

When choosing gloves, one of the important points to consider is the size of the glove. Glove sizes are measured from the tip of the index finger to the heel of the gloves.

Here is a basic size chart detailed below where you can find sizes based on player age and position:

Category:Tee BallYouthAdult
Age:3-6 years8-12 years12 years+
First Base:11.5″11.5″-12″12″-13″
Second Base:8.5″-10″10.5-11.5″11.25-12″
Third Base:8.5″-10″10.5-11.5″11.75-12.5″

(g) Laces

In the structure of the glove, laces play a decisive role. Most baseball gloves come with strong laces, but soft laces are also available. It really depends on your personal choice, because you need to understand if strong or soft laces are comfortable for you.

(h) Durability

You should also consider the durability of the gloves you are considering purchasing. You need to know how much pressure it can withstand and under what weather conditions it can last a long time.

(i) Reinforced Design

The market is full of designs, but not attractive. Gloves should be of good quality, durable, pocket-sized and best fit your hand.

Based on these characteristics, we have compiled reviews of the best-selling baseball gloves 2023. Before buying, you must do your homework and record your decision.

Choose the Best Baseball Gloves 2023 and grow with your passion.

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